An open letter to Kaptaan!

Dear Misbah,

Here I am, one of your biggest fan, Thank you for serving us for so many years now. You’re 43 years old, played 70 tests, captained in 55 and you have contributed a lot but the fact is you’re no more that old Misbah, the one who could just fire with one of the fastest Test 100.

Not disrespecting but stop being selfish now and kindly retire with all the respect you deserve. Players like Haris Sohail, Asif Zakir, Usman Salahuddin, Fawad Alam are waiting for you to go so that there is at least some chance for them to represent Pakistan in the most beautiful and purest format of the game.

Yes, we do agree that you’re still fit, your reflexes are still spot on but around the globe, we have seen many players retiring in their prime form, why? Because they choose to go with pride, they choose youngsters over them. Do the same, Be the selfless man we admire, Retire before a cricket fan starts calling you mean!

We all could see how uncertain you looked whenever you were asked about your test retirement during PSL, if you yourself aren’t sure then why continue?

Just btw Thank You for those pushups and that test mace, we held it for a very short time but at least we did. As a nation you have made us proud at many occasions!

Take pride in how far you’ve come. Through thick or thin, we’ll accept you at your strongest yet love and support you at your weakest, it’s time to say Goodbye. It’s time for a new era to begin! We all know it can’t last forever, even if we want it to.


An open letter to Kaptaan!
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