Benefits of Home Series

It’s been 7 years since that unfortunate day, that dreadful day, when Sri Lankan team was ambushed by some cowards, terrorists. That day, marked the downfall of cricket in Pakistan. This great, exceptional and proud cricket nation; became the first homeless cricket team. Pakistan has been playing international cricket away from home ever since that day.

Although Pakistan has acclimated UAE as their new home for playing international Cricket, it still doesn’t heal the wounds. That nostalgic feeling, playing in front of your fans, your crowd, your supporters, your nation, you can’t get that in some other country. Not playing at home has affected Pakistan’s performance, which everyone can see unmistakably. Although Zimbabwe visited Pakistan in 2015 which rekindled Pakistan Cricket fans’ hope, after 6 years of departure of international cricket from Pakistan, but that doesn’t seemed to have changed the situation. There is a distinct difference between playing in front of your supporters, your country, and playing in front of some crowd or almost no crowd (considering test matches) in another country where the passion of the game is nothing compared to Pakistan. The Youth of Pakistan, the young blood, who’s got deep devotion to the game, doesn’t get that exposure, that confidence, which you get by playing alongside international Stars and watching them play in front of you, in jam-packed stadiums. As a consequence, the FC Players who perform well are sometimes unable to perform at the Elite Level, despite of their talent, because of lack of exposure.

On the other hand, Pakistan’s arch-rival India has been on the top of their cricketing history. One major reason being the abundance of international cricket there. India has been taking advantage of their home matches. They’ve been making pitches that suit their players significantly well. Their players grow up playing cricket in their own country, which is another major reason for Pakistan’s performance, the players have to play somewhere entirely different after breaking into the National Side. India’s recent series with New Zealand on their home is a proof of the advantage one has of playing at home.

As a sincere Pakistan Cricket fan, hope that international cricket will soon come back to Pakistan again. This regrettable period will end once and for all and Pakistan Cricket will start accomplishing wonders in no time.


Benefits of Home Series
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