Dear West Indies, Where Are You?

Dear West Indies, I miss you
It’s been a long time since I’ve seen you being you.

I miss those days when it was all about you. And no one else was near you.

When your victories were my favourite bed time stories.
When you were fearless and everyone else feared you. When you used to feel fear in the enemy’s eyes. When it was all about you.

When Malcolm’s bowling was poetry in slow motion. When Richards didn’t care about bouncers. When you gave hope to the Caribbean. When you united the whole Caribbean.

From Holding and Malcolm to Walsh and Ambrose.
When you were my favourite even when it wasn’t my country.

Even when you defeated my country, I was happy because it was all about you.

Because you brought life to cricket. You brought smile to faces. You made us love you.

And now I don’t see you.
In your darkest hours, I miss the spirit I grew up watching in you.

You were and are the soul of cricket. Even when people don’t believe in it, I still believe in you.

Because I know, I wouldn’t be watching cricket if it wasn’t for you. It wouldn’t inspire me if it wasn’t for you.

Even when I haven’t been there, Jamaica and Barbados sounds home just because of you.

I know it’s hard for you, But just keep on fighting, what I always learned from you. It might be frustrating but I believe you.

From the ashes you will rise, to be you.

“Losers live in the past and winners learn from the past” and that’s why I’m counting on you.

They may call you Windies, But it’ll always be West Indies because it’s what you are and it’s what it is all about you.

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