The Fabulous Five

Last season, Leicester City won their first title by clearing mighty clubs like Arsenal, Chelsea, Manchester City and Manchester United. It was the historical and memorable achievement for them. However, they couldn’t carry their performance this season. At the start of the season, Manchester City were looking quiet determine with their new boss Pep Guardiola. He spent large amount to get desired players. Let’s come to the expected top 5 of the season; Chelsea is on the top with 55 points. They are hot favorite to lift the trophy. 8 points margin is the main advantage for them. But they are not unbeatable this season, they failed to defeat top 4 teams (Liverpool, Arsenal and Spurs). Also, they have won 8 games just by a difference of one goal. But on the positive note, Conte lift this team from 10th to 1st. CLEAN SHEETS; 12 DRAW; 1 Arsenal with 47 points is on the 2nd position. Alex Sanchez is the key player and strength of the team. They are capable to give tough time. 3-0 victory over Chelsea was the best performance by Arsenal this season. Intially their performance was fine in 7 to 8 matches but after that a period of 10 matches was the bad time for them. At that time they lost to Manchester City and Everton, and drew 3 games. For the last 5 matches, they have shown improvement by not losing a single match. They usually lack in away matches and due to this reason they may suffer in upcoming matches. CLEAN SHEETS; 5 DRAW; 5 Spurs with 46 points is on the 3rd position. This season, their players are exceptionally outstanding. Their defence, attack, center back is commendable. Dele Alli and Kane are their real strength. They are the title contenders too along with Chelsea. They defeated top seed Chelsea by 2-0 and that’s the only clean sheet Chelsea faced. CLEAN SHEETS; 7 DRAW; 6 Liverpool is the highest scoring side of this season with 51 goals and an average of 2.32 goals per match. Liverpool defeated top seeds Chelsea, Arsenal and Manchester City. Their main flaws have been observed in defending and keeping. As Jurgen Klopp admitted Liverpool’s defending cost them when they were beaten by Swansea 3-2. On the other hand, they tried two goal keepers but the result was same. Liverpool conceded 27 goals with an average of 1.23 goals per match. They have not won since last 3 matches. If they want to be stay in top 4, they should work on it. CLEAN SHEETS; 4 DRAW; 6 Manchester City started their season with glory. They won their first 10 matches consecutively but couldn’t carry it later on. They were facing problems in their defence. Their attack is good in the form of David Silva, Aguero and Kevin De Bruyne. Pep’s pick Bravo is under criticism alot due to his poor game. Pep’s tactics is not working out for him and Manchester City, may be turn out for them in Champions League. They are facing injuries and disciplinary issues from the start of the season. Kompany and Gunodagan are still unable to play this season. But Manchester City manager Pep Guadiola is confident to be in top 4. Sergio Kun Aguero top scorer for them, is not as great that he has been previously. This is not their season, may be next time. CLEAN SHEETS; 3 DRAW; 4

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