Glimpse of 1992 in 2017 Champions Trophy

It’s a little comparison on how the 2017 Champions Trophy reminded us of the 1992 World Cup.

Yes, it’s not anything like what we saw in the 2019 World Cup. How things went just like that. But CT17 is also in a similar fashion with the ’92 WC. So let’s get down to business and see some similarities.

  1. When your remaining matches became knockouts

In CT, the first loss in the team’s first game meant the remaining games would become knockouts. The same was the case for Pakistan after they had lost their opening game against India. Another loss meant they would be eliminated. So all their remaining games became knockouts.

Similarly, in 1992, Pakistan’s first five games read one win, one no-result, and three losses. That means that their remaining three games had become knockouts for them. Anyone loss meant they would go and catch a flight to Pakistan.


  1. Rain helping Pakistan qualify further.

This is a little stretching, but the rain helped us in one important match in each tournament.

In 2017 CT, Pakistan was up against the no.1 ODI team and one of the favorites South Africa. Pakistan restricted them to 219, yes. But they were struggling during the chase. Rain arrived and, by that time, Pakistan was 19 runs ahead on DLS. This win boosted Pakistan and gave them a chance to compete.

In 1992, Pakistan was bowled out for 74. And England were 24-1 in 8th overs when rain arrived. Points were shared. No one knew that this single point would give Pakistan edge over defending champions Australia and two times world cup winner West Indies that helped them qualify for the knockouts.

  1. Defeating the hosts in the semi-finals to qualify for their first final

England was unbeaten throughout the whole game. They met Pakistan in the semi-finals. Pakistan was in their best form and England didn’t take them too lightly. It expected to be a close encounter. However, that didn’t happen. Pakistan crushed England in Cardiff to qualify its maiden CT final.

In 1992, New Zealand was unbeaten in the group stage, except until their final group game where Pakistan defeated the. But then again, they met each other for the semi-final encounter. Unlike England v Pakistan in CT, this was a thriller. And Pakistan surprised everyone in that run chase to go through their maiden world cup final.

  1. Defeating the favorites to claim their maiden title

Pakistan v India has always been a huge game. And the final was expected to be a cracker. But Pakistan was unbeatable that day at the Oval and defeated their arch-rivals by a record margin. India were clear favorites to win and they were the defending champions as well. Pakistan snatches the trophy to win their maiden title.

England were runner ups last tournament and they were the second-best team in the ’92 WC. They were one of the favorites to win. But they met Pakistan once again in the final. They could have crushed Pakistan in the group game had it not for rain. And because of that rain, Pakistan was in the final. England was expected to win but Pakistan held their nerves and won the tournament.

  1. The left-arm show in Wasim and Amir.

Amir hadn’t bowled that well in the tournament. But in the all-important final, Amir stood up as a senior bowler and took three vital wickets. Those three wickets combined scored more than 80% of India’s total runs in the whole tournament. Amir ended with 3-16 and his first spell all but sealed Pakistan’s victory.

Wasim was brilliant throughout the tournament. And in the final, he took three wickets as well. Firstly, he dismissed England’s star all-rounder Ian Botham first up. Then later when the partnership was building, Wasim came back for his second spell and dismissed Allan Lamb and Chris Lewis to bring Pakistan back into the game, and eventually winning the final.

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