Hasan Ali: The downfall of what he could have become

When Hasan Ali first appeared on the 2016 tour of Ireland and England, I was looking forward to him. It was a while before we got a right-arm fast bowler. I have been watching the left-arm seamers of Amir, Wahab, Irfan, and Rahat and the right are seamers of Sohail, Sami, Gul, and Anwer for a long time. Though I thought Sohail Khan could be in long term for PAK right arm bowling, his injuries took the better of him. There was a deflect of right arm fast bowling. In my opinion at that time. I wanted someone who could have been a proper player for the team.

Entered Hasan Ali. And he impressed me as he did to many of you all. He started very well. Especially in 2017 where he had three 5-fers, became the no.1 ODI fast bowler after Wasim Akran since 1989, and was our reason for the Champions Trophy victory with 13 wickets in the tournament.

But, I guess too much fame got the best of him. Till 2017, he was the rising star. Heck, Cricket Australia had one article on why Hasan could become the GOAT of this era. But again, maybe the fame was too much that he moved towards there and lost focus on his career.

Following is the breakdown of Hasan’s ODI career;


Innings: 51, Overs Bowled: 424.4, Maidens: 14, Runs Conceded: 2381, Wickets: 82, Average: 29.03, Economy: 5.6, SR: 31.0, 4/5-fer: 1/3, BBF: 5-34, Wickets per Innings:  1.61

2016-’17 (Golden period for Hasan)

Innings: 26, Overs Bowled: 217, Maidens: 8, Runs Conceded: 1110, Wickets: 56, Average: 19.82, Economy: 5.11, SR: 23.2, 4/5-fer: 1/3, BBF: 5-34, Wickets per Innings: 2.15

2018-last game (vs IND in CWC 2019, also the downfall period)

Innings: 25, Overs Bowled: 207.4, Maidens: 6, Runs Conceded: 1271, Wickets: 26, Average: 48.88, Economy: 6.12, SR: 47.9, 4/5-fer: 0/0, BBF: 3-32, Wickets per Innings: 1.04

The stats are clearly different from the Golden Period and the Downfall period. He slumped so much. Here are the differences:

Wickets: -30

Runs Conceded: -161

Average: -29.06

Economy: -1.01

SR: -24.7

Wickets per Innings: 1.11

The difference in average and economy rate shows how much there has been a downfall for Hasan in that period. The rhythm that he showed earlier in his career faded away quickly.

Hasan Ali made himself an overrated bowler.

Things he used to do turned into gold for Pakistan at some big matches. But now, he is just gone. He used to bowl a lot of good lines and lengths but now he just doesn’t bowl a consistent line and lengths like he used to.

All in all, he still has some things to offer for Pakistan. He is still 25. If he does, he can focus on himself and bring back the old Hasan in him and become the rising star again. But if the same goes, then it’s the end of the road for Hasan Ali and he would become “those players who fade quickly” after a rapid rise.

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