Mediocre pace attack letting us down, Misbah-ul-Haq

I don’t like disrespecting players because there is no single player who doesn’t seek fame by putting his efforts but sometimes it’s the wrong call by selectors which cost the teams, it’s the caliber of a player which makes him fail even after trying hard. I wrote before NZ series that we have mediocre pace attack, it’s not that they are not trying hard but their caliber is lower than our standards. Wahab Riaz is the most hard working individual but when u talk about his bowling, he has got no swing, he will bowl short or he’ll try to skid it to get lbw but he cannot make ball talk with his wrist, he can not make batsman feel uncomfortable with deceiving swing. Sohail is also a hardworking guy, he has got some swing but he lacks fitness, his 2nd spell seems like a spell from Parveen Kumar and he can’t reverse in a quite healthy way. Rahat and Imran both have decent attitude and they have swing, Rahat can reverse but both of them are not tricky, they’ll stick to good line and length (Rahat forgets it sometimes) but won’t test batsmen by trying different things, these are not the guys captain can ask to bowl under any circumstances. We have to get Junaid back, if you are trying with average class bowlers why don’t u risk it with one who has awesome past and lost it because of injury? We have to also try Irfan. Both these guys have pace, seems movement, they can swing it both ways and they are tricky, Aamir with either of these at other end will do much better. Coming towards batting, getting out below 200 at away ground in 4th innings is not a new thing, all teams fall like that. Despite being called fragile, our batting has been quite impressive in past few years; we have won few games because of batting and almost survived some tough games. Misbah, Younas time is almost over, they are into 40s and reflexes aren’t as sharp as before. It’s time to move on and build a team around Asad Azhar pair, maybe a call for one out of Kamran and Fawad Alam and one youngster like Haris sohail, Usman Salahudin or Rizwan (a backup for Sarfraz as well). We are getting down and few changes might take us further down but if we do it sooner so that newcomers have easy opponent (WI next) , it will take less time to develop them into decent players. Looking forward to 3rd test which possibly is the last test for skipper, hope he finish it at high”

By: Saleh Mehar

Mediocre pace attack letting us down, Misbah-ul-Haq


  1. Nadar Ijaz

    December 30, 2016 at 11:03 am

    A worth reading words. I agree with you many of us think that younis and Misbah’s time is over. They do right. Because a person who is fourty plus and have been playing for last many years don’t play shorts like that on a flat track where sohail khan a bowler had a good nock.
    Younis is bowled by lyon a very diasappointing thing to see. A good bye call from both of them would lead us to better days.

    Rizwan and fawad should be back Azhar is doing good asad is playing outstanding.

    You are right junaid should bring back. But one thing is that Amir is also not getting enough of it. He should learn from junaid.

    Wish them better time.

  2. Zulfi

    December 30, 2016 at 2:14 pm

    In UAE far less experienced bowling against Aussies win us and then credit goes to captain
    Here much experienced bowling and credit goes to bowling
    #double satandards

  3. Zaid_SL

    December 30, 2016 at 4:23 pm

    Fawad Alam obviously should be in both ODI n test squad
    Yes the pace attack needs to be tinkered.junaid and another potential baller should be hunted. Wahab imran or rahat aren’t good enough
    Plz no more of the selfish akmals or hafeez
    We also have to find a better spinner who has all the weapons of spin wrong one,doosra googly n etc.yasir shah doesn’t seem to have many changes

  4. Mir Basit

    December 30, 2016 at 4:39 pm

    Nice blog very true i think it is injustice not to bring junaid khan back above all he has got aggressive attitude which our bowlers nowadays are lacking i mean look at stark

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