Imperfect Perfection of Pakistan.

Just because a team won Champions Trophy, does not mean they’re obliged to win every single match for the next 20 or 40 years. Champions Trophy was in June 2017. It happened, Pakistan won and it was supposed to be over few days later. Champions Trophy was a chapter with a fruitful ending for Pakistan. The same way every series is a chapter. Pakistan had another great chapter against Sri Lanka in One-day internationals and T20 internationals. Pakistan’s tour of New Zealand wasn’t a great chapter. They struggled at few points and made Southee the fairy-tale princess. Nothing against Southee, but he’s not the kind of bowler the way Pakistan treated him. Since 2012, Southee averages almost 35 with the ball. Wahab Riaz slightly averages better than Southee. I’m not saying that Southee is not good but not good either. It wouldn’t be wise to call Southee a home track bully because he isn’t good enough to be a home track bully. This is how fragile Pakistan’s batting line-up is. Maybe its the pressure, maybe its the conditions, the management needs to analyze everything and sort the mistakes out.

Pakistan’s bowling was fine overall. It was decent enough. In the fourth game they had an edge to win the match but Grandhomme had better plans and won the game for New Zealand.

It’s hard to digest a 5-0 defeat but cricket is a funny game for a very solid reason. One moment you have the game in your hand, the other, you might not. A slight fraction and you’re beaten up by the bowler. The batsmen didn’t travel all the way from Pakistan to New Zealand just to lose. They do their best, they try hard, it’s just that at times you cat win everything, it’s not your time to win. Criticism is valid at times but not when the team is living in its worse form recently.

This team will do a Pakistan to win Pakistan a match and do a Pakistan to lose Pakistan a match. They’ll lose 9 matches in a row and make the 10th match a mesmerizing victory. That’s called the unpredictability Pakistan has been holding for past 20 years. This time, they landed with a recent form, but the gape between the last series and this series also mattered.

But what happened, has happened, they kept on nicking the ball again and again but that doesn’t mean they’ll just do it every single time. People are saying that the Champions Trophy victory was just a fluke. Well no victory is just a fluke. Cricket is not about fluke. Those who believe in such stuff shouldn’t be considered as serious viewers of cricket.

Pakistan needs a plan. One plan. No need to change if it fails at first or the third time. One plan cannot be successful unless you don’t try it for a couple of times. Secondly, the management seriously needs to stop changing the line-up again and again. They need to be calm and let the players play in a position which suits the player’s potential with the bat. Let them adjust.

Many people believe Umar Amin isn’t good enough. The truth is that the managements have never been good enough to get the best out of him. He scores runs in domestics with consistency and scoring runs isn’t easy. A guy like Umar Amin doesn’t deserve to be treated this way after asking him to bat at number 7,8,9 and ask him to open every fifth game. Umar Amin deserves a couple of more matches without his position being changed he might just click his potential and score runs in international matches as well.

For the Pakistani fans, you’ve been great, you’ve been supporting them since the start. You know they go through rough and tough but never want to give up. One bad tour can’t judge the team and captaincy. Yes, the team should’ve done better but unfortunately they couldn’t, not everything is in their hands. You can’t win if you can’t stand a defeat. They’ve got two more T20 games left in this tour. Hope for the better. This team is unbeatable on its day.

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