More Than Just A Green Shirt

Are you hopeless just because of recent defeat against India? Are you really losing hope? It’s Pakistani Team. It has always been on top at one point. Pakistanis are ”Cornered Tigers”. They find themselves in hell, but they don’t give up and they keep going. Because they have hope. A hope stronger than sea. Pakistan has so far dominated last 4 decades. Well, except 2000s. They hit a rough patch in 2000s but they later climbed all the way back to the top. There’s a reason why they are called Cornered Tigers, there’s a deep meaning behind it. Losing is painful but that does not means to be hopeless. The word impossible does not exists. Every team goes through a rough patch. Pakistan went through a rough patch and still managed to be the best in past. This is just another rough patch. Only this time the media increases the pressure. Wearing that green shirt and representing Pakistan is a dream of every boy but only the chosen one get the chance to represent Pakistan. There’s nothing better than that feeling.

Losing is not part of the game. It never was and never will be. It’s part of success. Success comes after a lot of disappointment, a lot of failure. And every single time Pakistan became a dominant team, there was a lot of failure and a lot of hard work. Nothing beats the passion when wearing that green shirt, the energy keeps on flowing, it never stops. And players of course want to do something, they want to win. You win only when you lose. A cornered Tiger keeps on failing but it does not stop until it does not get what it wants. If there’s any team believing in impossible, it always has been Pakistan. Pakistan won when Sri Lanka had couple of wickets with just 2 to 3 runs to win on many deliveries left. Pakistan won when they needed 5 on 1 ball. Pakistan lost more than 10 practice matches with domestic teams before World Cup 1992. Pakistan is not just unpredictable but one of the most feared team on it’s day. It’s the most passionate team for a reason. And after every storm there’s a sunshine. Instead of criticizing, support this Pakistani team, support it’s spirit. This is just a phase of the rebirth of Pakistani team. Pakistan was and always will be that team with warrior like fighting spirit. It’s about passion not attention. ”Losers live in the past and winners learn from the past.” There’s always success after a lot of failure. Believe in Pakistan! Never stop believing.



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