Only you can do better than yourself

Dear Sarfraz Ahmed,

There have been many good innings that you played in recent past. Your critics won’t remember, as they would love to talk about the innings that you had not played according to your skills. Do you know why? Answer to this is their expectations. Expectations they have from you are up to sky and you aren’t going above 100th floor of the building. You have the ability and the skills to come back as you did earlier, you will answer your critics with your bat. You need to bat at number 4 position. You might even fail there for couple of times but you can strive to adjust yourself.

Kaptaan you are down but you aren’t done with this.

Only you can talk to yourself in the mirror and say it to the worst patch of your form that “Listen !!I’m not talking to you, F off”

You have the courage because you are an attacking and aggressive person; moreover, you are a fighter. Even if you score 10 runs in next 3 games, I won’t criticize, but do justice to yourself.

I want you to read this and say, “Lets go boys, We aren’t going without victory today”

If you are having any kind of failure in your life then what do u look up to?

Your success that you had in past and the good time you had. You don’t get inspired from watching your failures. You can learn from your failures but to inspire yourself to be successful and answer your critics.


Aashir Vahidy


A Pakistani Cricket fan from Overseas

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