Opinion: Logic behind PCB’s decision

Sarfaraz Ahmed’s dismissal as the captain at this stage seems very harsh but this was very imminent considering the last 2 years.

Yes, Sarfaraz proved himself right away from “point A” that he had everything to be a great captain for a long time. But this journey from “point A” to “point C” sadly crashed someway in the middle.

Sarfaraz was meant to achieve much more but he himself axed himself, he’s more responsible for his dismissal. Removing Sarfaraz from Test cricket captaincy was the right decision, as it was clear from day 1 that Sarfaraz wasn’t the one to handle the pressure of test cricket & neither the perfect guy to come up with quick strategies in every other session.

His batting was itself affected by it. While some questions may arise regarding his replacement in the shape of Azhar Ali, considering Asad Shafiq could’ve made more logic.

Sarfaraz Ahmed’s poor performance is one of the major concern. Photo: Getty Images

Nonetheless, the game of cricket at times acts out of logic so talking logic & assuming something else, isn’t the ideal thing to do now that we have a new captain announced.

Of course, Azhar has been on a bumping rough ride for the last 2 years when it comes to testing cricket, but his recent commitment in the domestic cricket shows that he’s ready to spark once again.

Although it’s not announced yet, it looks like Sarfaraz will also be axed from the captaining the ODI side as well. Maybe that decision has not been announced yet, because we don’t have any ODI any soon & so the tests & T20Is the formats with the most preference.

Sarfaraz has done good to nothing to even be in the ODI side, as harsh as it sounds, that’s the sad reality. He hasn’t given any match-winning performance for a long time and he has been a burden on the team.

Not to forget, his behavior with the bowlers & showing out his frustration has also had negative effects on himself! Not to forget with the likes of whitewash by the hands of New Zealand, a whitewash in England, the embarrassing exit in the Asia cup 2018 & Cricket World Cup 2019 campaign is enough to judge his captaincy, starting all the way from 2018 till 2019, it’s been extremely poor, not to forget his poor efforts with the bat!

While Sarfaraz’s dismissal from T20I was also due for a long time, the winning streak, the number 1 T20I ranking was all team effort of which Sarfaraz was no part of.

Babar Azam isn’t the ideal choice to captain at all, there’s a fear that it might affect his captaincy. Nonetheless, the Australia series is a good platform for him to change our minds and work on his game as a whole. But it’s still way too early to appoint him as the captain.

Sticking with Sarfaraz was not ideal at all since his contributions to the team were negative for a long time and this is the right time to consider long-term plans for Pakistan.

Let’s not forget before anyone comes up with pitty for Sarfaraz. His poor effort with the bat for a long time, lack of consistency. – His frustrating attitude clearly affected the team as a whole. – The whitewash in England & New Zealand ODI series. – Poor Asia Cup 2018 & Cricket World Cup 2019 campaign.

There’s no doubt Sarfaraz played a big role in taking Pakistan forward, but at some point, he did not give his effort up to a mark and as they say, “Nothing’s forever, one day or another you have to say goodbye!”.

Now regarding Misbah and the troublesome fans and media he has to face for his decisions, LET HIM WORK!

Yes, he’s himself a change which is very unusual, the dual role he has been assigned with. But if Pakistan does not dare to change now, it’s never going to develop.

The mindset needs to change and stigmas need to be eliminated. Give him 3 years and then evaluate and judge his performance. PCB needs to think on a long-term basis and so should media stop pressurizing with their third class agendas. There’s no gain in removing a coach very soon, that way, PCB can never have a long-term plan and thus, winning a World Cup shouldn’t even be a dream for the cricket governing body.

For the first time in a long time, Pakistan Cricket Board has educated, experienced and qualified people sitting in the top hierarchy. There are reforms happening, but not with plans and forecasts.

Everything, every change is based on several forecast and the changes will sound weird and perhaps giving an impression of “destroying the system”, but you can’t bring in a new system unless you remove the current system and to remove the current system, roots have to be cut which can be painful but it’s all worth it in the end when results deliver fruits.

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