Pakistan and It’s Consistency With Mistakes.

Most of the people didn’t bother to sleep while few decided to watch the second innings in the morning. Few set up alarms on their phones to check the score every 2 hours. The hype was still alive, even though after losing the first two matches when the team could’ve won. Few were excited after checking the score after Fajr thinking that it will be chased by the time they wake up in the morning.

And then you wake up in the morning and look at your phone’s screen with a notification. It says “Pak 74/10, 27.2 Overs”. Some made coffee and decided to watch the second innings. 8 wickets fell before they finished their cup. Something new?No, it’s not. It was possible before the innings. Boult and Southee demolish a batting line-up. Lets just admit that Pakistan gave away the 2nd and 3rd ODI themselves. They had everything on their plate but they had their eyes on the other plate. In the 2nd ODI, the target set by Pakistan was acceptable, it could be defended. The rain interrupted the match when Pakistan was in a decent condition. Even after rain it could have been defended but the bowlers went so lose. You need patience in everything. Patience is the other name of the game. You need to set up the batsman to get him under such a position where he gives his wickets away but if you try 5 different things on next 5 balls, you’re exposed in such scenario. 87 off 11 overs is not difficult to defend but the plan was so lose which costed the match. Apart from the bowlers, the top-order also had a very big role in marking another defeat.


The Pakistani batsmen played Boult and Southee as if they were facing West Indian quicks from the 1980s. The whole world plays them and they receive a treatment which any average bowler receives. Southee has an economy of almost 6 an over. Averages 33.11 with the ball. Not saying that he’s not a good bowler but he’s not a great bowler either as compared to others. The Pakistani side seemed to be in a hurry. They wanted to hit big runs but were a bit impatient. They kept on playing the balls outside the line and the top order went back without trying to play a recovering knocks. That is what the difference between the Kiwi and Pakistani batsmen. When Kiwi lost a couple of wickets, they decided to cool down for a while and tried to recover from the damage by taking time. They kept on rotating the strike though. While Pakistan lacked it, They weren’t reliable either. They didn’t try to recover. As it is said “Cricket is a very funny game”, they acted on it by making the same mistake again and again. Making every wicket look like a gift for Kiwis.


It’s hard to play cricket and it’s hard to play on overseas conditions but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t adapt the condition. The seniors need to stand up, Babar Azam needs to be calm and resist any kind of pressure.


The bowlers need to stand up a bit and bowl more aggressively. They have an opportunity now to take a kind of revenge. Especially Amir, he needs to be consistent. He himself admitted he couldn’t perform earlier due to conditions but now he has an opportunity in the next two matches to cover up some wounds from the first three games. He has those conditions to bowl the way he used to.


This isn’t a blame game or criticism but just few mistakes they keep on repeating. It’s true that there was a huge gap between current and last series and its a complete new situation but somehow they’re supposed to be playing in these conditions after all. Pakistan has all the ingredients, they just have to cook them properly.

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