Pakistan’s Downfall After Successful British Summer

It’s annoying to accept that ICC Number-1 Ranked Test Team had lost 7 out of the 8 test matches after attaining the highest ever test ranking since, the development of new ICC Ranking System (2003), but when you are talking about Pakistan Cricket Team, you have to accept this truth with a bitter taste that one day they will be on the top of the ladder while the very next day they will be lying down at the bottom.

This debacle of Pakistan Test Team has raised too many questions after the greatest praise they got few months back when they were number 1. Few thinks that Misbah should have been retired after successful British Summer, few thought Misbah preferred to retire on a victory note, few other thought Misbah did well to groom a young team by providing his services for 1 more year or so, but the main question is what Pakistan cricket had achieved and lost in between the confusion of all this scenario?

Different experts have different opinions, and you won’t agree with few of them at one time and you will agree to few of them as well at the same time. According to some experts Misbah did a blunder to carry on after UK Tour and looking at the current position of Pakistan test team you have to accept this truth when you looses 7 out of the next 8 test matches.

It could have been a different scenario if a new captain should have been appointed after England series and the team had performed the way they have performed under Misbah after that tour, The same critics definitely had an opinion that a new team is developing under a new captain and you have to give time to this team before criticizing them.

I’m not the one who favors someone or criticize someone for personal likes & dislikes, being a cricket analyst you must be a neutral body, criticism is the right of everyone, but a fruitful criticism which lead us to meet the desire results.

We should support the team whatever the circumstances are, we should appreciate the efforts of our boys who bears a lot of criticism but still feeling proud to represent Pakistan, we should say goodbye to our legends with open arms and we should appreciate their efforts and struggles for the betterment of Pakistan cricket.

Don’t curse the past, let’s try to build a new future. Thank You

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