Peshawar Zalmi’s Unfathomable Contribution: Nurturing Cricket Pakistan

One of the highly discussed and most anticipated topic amongst Pakistan’s cricket fraternity is, “Revival of International Cricket”. Also, a very heart wrenching topic for the people of Pakistan because, love for cricket in Pakistan is beyond unimaginable limits. Pakistan has suffered a “cricket-drought” for almost a decade, it is definitely tough to watch other teams playing at their home ground while their crowd cheers for them but unluckily, Pakistan was devoid of such exhilarating atmosphere

Javed Afridi, CEO of Haier Company and owner of PSL Franchise (Peshawar Zalmi), is a very well-liked name. I guess it won’t be wrong if, I would say he has nourished and nurtured Pakistan Cricket because he has literally served Pakistan cricket from the grass root level, by sponsoring several domestic tournaments in Pakistan, his zealous efforts for Pakistan Cricket are commendable. In the remaining half of this article I will be breaking down Peshawar Zalmi’s prominent contributions towards Pakistan, which is now bridging gaps between Pakistan and international cricket communities

Within no time Peshawar Zalmi became an uprising name, Zalmi not only won the final of PSL but they bagged one of the biggest contribution in the history of Pakistan cricket, by attracting some eminent international players for the final of the second edition of PSL, in Lahore. That was a tough nut to crack!

The second franchise of Peshawar Zalmi was happened to be, Benoni Zalmi. Peshawar Zalmi and Lahore Qalandars were the only two franchises from Pakistan, to launch their teams on an international platform. Benoni Zalmi took part in Global T20 League that happened to strengthen our relationship with South African cricket board which they end up rewarding, by sending South African players for WORLD XI game

Along with Muhammad Akram and Grant Flower, Peshawar Zalmi arranged a talent hunt program which proved to be a vital role, following the recent development in cricket. World XI is visiting Pakistan, coached by Grant Flower who had once spent time in Pakistan for Peshawar Zalmi’s talent hunt program , this experience strengthened his belief in Pakistan. As he said in his recent press conference, “My experience with Peshawar Zalmi for PSL 2016 was really amazing, which actually helped me to take this decision to travel to Pakistan” He further added, “Before the second edition of PSL, we had a session of talent hunt in Pakistan along with my friend Muhammad Akram, that played a supportive role in bringing me here once again”

A glimpse of international cricket in Pakistan is everything what we needed, as a cricket fan. In 2015, when Zimbabwe visited Pakistan we experienced everything that was taken away from us back in 2009. That uproar of excitement, that thumping sound of empty bottles hitting stadium chairs, those cheers for our favorite players and many more things, as excitement of Pakistani fans is something that cannot be contained in words

It’s good to see people from different parts of the world want to explore Pakistan now, Pakistan is finally setting a vivid international image and many people had contributed for this cause. But, it is safe to say that, Peshawar Zalmi emerged as a savior for Pakistan Cricket and we expect more from Javed Afridi in the near future. All good luck and best wishes for Peshawar Zalmi, their tireless efforts has put Pakistan in a good position, that day is not far when international teams will visit Pakistan just like old times

Peshawar Zalmi is the savior we always needed!


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