Positives of PSL Final at Lahore

Pakistan Super League Season 2 have been phenomenal with series of close nail-biting matches. This year’s final was set to be hosted at Lahore but, series of Blasts in different cities of Pakistan made it uncertain and created a fear among the foreign players.

In spite of all these unfortunate events, PCB was still firm to host it at Lahore for the sake of Pakistani fans who were desperate for home cricket. However, there are still many positives from the final at Lahore.

Firstly, comparing it with local Haier Cup T20 or National T20 is completely wrong, those events hardly have any Pakistani international stars, moreover; those matches are mostly held at day timings and Marketing and Broadcasting standards are also very low. So comparing PSL with it is completely wrong. Pakistan Super League is a brand which is on the finger tips of every Pakistani, there is hype and interest in it which was never observed before in Pakistan for a domestic event.

Secondly, this final will lay a foundation as an example for future PSLs which will be held in Pakistan sooner or later. PSL 3 final is expected to be hosted at Karachi so if this final is successfully hosted then foreign players will also have some confidence in coming to Pakistan.

Thirdly, It is also a great platform for our young and domestic players who haven’t seen a jam-packed Pakistani stadium with roars of crowd. It will be a new experience for all those players who played all their life in front of empty stadiums of Pakistan.

Fourthly, PCB will also earn a lot from the revenue of this final since the tickets price goes to 12000 PKR. Another benefit of this Final is that Gaddafi Stadium is renovated and a new stand is opened which was under construction from a long time.

Lastly, This Final will provide a home match for the fans who will witness a PSL Match for the first time with all their favourite stars. It will be a joyful experience for fans as well to see the match live.

Pakistan Super League Final is scheduled at 8:00 PM at Gaddafi Stadium, Lahore. Online tickets are sold out within few hours. Spectators are requested to bring their CNIC along with them and travel to stadium at least 2-3 hours before the match.

Positives of PSL Final at Lahore
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