PSL is coming to Pakistan

The T20 Cricket leagues are currently the talk of the town. Nearly every country has its own cricket league and the leading players are willing to take part in them. The trend of T20 leagues began with England’s T20 blast, later followed by Australia’s BPL and India’s IPL. Soon after, CPL (West Indies), APL (Afghanistan), PSL (Pakistan) and BPL (Bangladesh).

T20 leagues generate a lot of revenue. It is the most liked cricket format which attracts millions of fans across the world.  The PSL is not much old and is managed by the Pakistan Cricket Board.  So far, it has featured five teams. The main objective of this league is to bring top-level cricket back in Pakistan.  The PSL teams can have eight international players as part of their squad. So far, the league has managed to invite high performing players from the West Indies, South Africa, England, New Zealand, and Sri Lanka to play for the league. Pakistan Super League has made its way to become one of the most attractive leagues in the world in no time. Just a few editions old, PSL has already witnessed a lot of great cricketing action. There are only 6 teams and it uses the same format as the CPL. A large part of the league takes place in UAE and only 2-3 matches are held in Pakistan.

Recently, HBL PSL Player Draft pick order for the upcoming season was announced after the first-round pick order reveal. The pick order of the first round of the HBL PSL 2020 Player Draft was decided by the Ehsan Mani, Chairman of Pakistan Cricket Board, CEO Wasim Khan, representatives of the HBL PSL franchises along with the representatives of the league partners HBL and Blitz Advertising at the Gaddafi Stadium. The first-round picks were revealed through the depiction of an age-old street cricket tradition involving the cricket bat.  Later, a specially-designed statistical model was used to decide the pick order for the remaining 17 rounds of the Draft.

With the release of the pick order, the transfer and retention window for HBL PSL 2020 has officially opened as teams to negotiate for exciting trade possibilities.

As part of this year’s Draft policy, each team can hold up to eight players from last year’s roster. However, this requirement for teams to pick five foreign players in a squad of 16 players remains unchanged from the previous editions of the HBL PSL. This time, the teams would be allowed to two supplementary players where one can be an international player. Nevertheless, the teams will have a chance to field a minimum of three and a maximum of four foreign players in the XI.

For the upcoming season, the HBL PSL will be introducing a wildcard pick rule. A wildcard pick allows teams to pick players from Silver or Gold in the Diamond category round or, alternatively, a player from Silver in the Gold category round at the Draft. Each team will be allowed to exercise one wildcard pick at the Draft and bump-up a player accordingly.

Chief Executive Officer PCB Wasim Khan said: “We are constantly trying to improve and explore new and exciting possibilities in the HBL Pakistan Super League. The wildcard pick rule is one such addition and we feel that it will make the HBL PSL Player Draft even more exciting for our fans and teams. The selection strategies will need to adapt to the constantly changing scenarios which will make the teams come up with some out of the box plans as they will have to pre-empt other teams’ wildcard picks. We look forward to a very interesting phase in the lead-up to the Player Draft as teams review their retention possibilities and negotiate potential deals with other teams in the transfer window.” Given the hype and excitement on its peak, the HBL PSL 2020 is all set to stage in Pakistan in February 2020.


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