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I am not for this horrendous case circulating on internet in regards to Imam ul Haq being blamed for dating around 7 to 8 girls at the moment. whatever has happened isn’t adequate yet how might we accuse just one side? Try not to criticize or accuse anybody and depict him terrible on the grounds that you had awful understanding or had bad terms with that individual doesn’t mean he’s awful. He is such a pleasant person its about the other individual’s treatment in case you’re too desperate to even think about running after him or on the off chance that you were that devout than it should’ve been ceased at an in front of the rest of the conversation when he began talking like this . You’re not unreasonably idiotic that you don’t realize that what he’s discussing and what does he needs and what direction he is talking you. Were those girls mightily requested to answer or would I say to contact him in light of the fact that clearly imam himself wouldn’t have been drawn closer to those girls. They were similarly included. every one of the girls were reacting with significantly greater excitement, and could be clearly observed. How might you expect loyality in pre-marital sex for Consent. How might they asserted being badgering by him. He is a public figure they knew him first he has not known anybody of those at the primary spot. They went to him, themselves.

we truly need to comprehend and feature the contrasts between harassment, abuse, spontaneous advances and consensual sexting.

I state this not to undermine any lady’s legitimate predicament neither legitimize men’s activities.

I can’t see Imam irritating, harassing, threatening or approaching anybody for pictures and so forth. They were dating and those girls resembled so speedy in such a case that everything occurred in most recent months how you be such a great amount into sexting and afterward caught him and guaranteeing it badgering to move higher and exploit the circumstance since you didn’t got him. Your past bombed connection has nothing to do with it. quit abusing this hashtag just to criticize somebody when it was consensual. It’ll lose its value and genuine exploited people won’t get help

Quit abusing women’s liberation and asserting yourself blameless and unfortunate casualty , don’t exploit a space built up for ladies to approach and share their accounts of abusive behavior at home ,provocation, assault or of somebody’s ruthless conduct and to get out men for their activities .

It was your decision to go meet him in his rooms! Does it ever sounds great to go into somebody’s room in person?? Hey now you’re not excessively dumb sweetie. be that as it may, you went inside to similarly appreciate things since you were so frantic. Did anybody requested that you get physical with him?? It’s him as well as both the sides are dependable.

This ain’t no Harrasment!!

I dont know why they generally endsup via social media and attempting to be unfortunate casualty for something they did without anyone else. With their own decision. The screen shows shows assent. Lying and conning isn’t provocation.

No video/sound proof. Individual responsibilities must be kept individual regardless of whether screenshots are valid. Will the responsibilities go in support by making Screenshots open or criticism is the main thought process? This is an individual issue all the more explicitly a verbal one and has nothing to do with this #metoo.

If it’s not too much trouble become familiar with the distinction between provocation and consensual relationship.

Here girls was included as well. No doubt he was swindling yet you can’t state he was hassling you. You are similarly associated with this chaos. try not to slander anyone for another trend 

Quit playing women card !!!

In the event that you’re that devout, at that point why connect with guys at that point do such obscene discussion and afterward end it to provocation.

He didn’t force anybody to do anything. It was all shared, and in the event that he isn’t going to wed you then you will play this bullshit women victim card. For screw purpose.

for what reason didn’t that girl showed up ? Should’ve boldness and courage to approach.

Imam Ul Haq ought to likewise uncover those girls who released his Screen Shot. He should release their pics and Screenshot. when they were getting a charge out of with him. However, he won’t do that or else you girls could have get embarrassed.Girls be typifying themself and giving themselves in for such obscene acts and haram relations and later whining for being played over lol what did you anticipate from an inept of non nameable relationship? Grow up and quit crying over choices u made urself.

Try not to give these girls a chance to wind up devout and honest in the wake of going through vivid evenings with a renowned cricket player.

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