The Rebirth of tennis star Roger Federer

Another convincing victory for Roger Federer, Roger Federer won a Miami Open tournament for the third time. He has proved himself time to time that he is still passionate and capable of playing tennis at the age of 35. He is definitely having the best time of his career. What a bravo performance he has shown this year! This season, he has already won an Australian Open, then Indian Wells and finally Miami Open. And moreover the Swiss Maestro has defeated Nadal all three times he faced him this year. He must be looking forward to Wimbledon.

These days, Roger is proving nothing is impossible if you want to make it, you can through your strong determination. This generation of tennis blessed to watch Roger live. He is a real inspiration to youngsters. He puts his mind, his soul, his passion into the game and hard work always pay off.

He played against Rafa so well, put all his efforts to win the third title of the year. He always show aggression and precision to defeat the opponent and has shown  yesterday too. He hits a big shot at the right time, that’s what makes​ him a champion. It’s always a privilege to watch his game.

But on the other hand, Rafa was unfortunate to lost back to back matches specially finals against him. They both are the legends of this era.

Roger won the first set by 6-3, and second set by 6-4 to claim the title. Some easy points have been given by Rafa in the first set. Roger took advantage of it  and won the first set. Then Nadal made a comeback in the second set and was leading by 2-0. Federer equalize it, soon after equalizer Nadal smashed Roger again to take the lead. After that, Roger showed his aggression and then won a second set to win a title. Hope, he will lift Wimbledon trophy later this year too.

But few years back, he had a very bad time. People were criticizing​ him for the bad performances. They were asking him to writing off. But he has shown his caliber  that why he deserved to be the number 1. His commitment, dedication and courage has lift his career from bottom to top. He is showing his class to those whom asked him to retire in his drought days.

I think, it’s definitely A REBIRTH OF ROGER FEDERER.

The Rebirth of tennis star Roger Federer
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