Room for Improvement despite of Series Win against West Indies

Pakistan has won the ODI series and made it’s way easier to play champion’s trophy. Pakistan has played an amazing series but still there are some things that need to be rectified so Pakistan cricket fans can see a better team in champion’s trophy. First issue which Pakistan is suffering from the very start:

1) Batting: Rotation of strike is very rare in the team. Hitting and rotation of strike should be balanced. Either they hit big shorts and get out or they rotate the strike and play dot balls and deprive their fans to see big shots.

2) Handling the pressure when wickets are falling: When one gets out, the team either makes a line or goes to pavilion one after another or they unable to score runs.

3) Fielding: Catches win matches is an old phrase and Pakistani fielders still do not understand it. They drop easy catches and give batsman another turn to make himself the hero of the match. Effort in catching the ball or stopping the ball from boundary line should be done with a little more determination to show that they are active and to put burden on the opponent team.

4) Difference between calmness and aggression: Team needs to know when to be calm and cool to win the match with tricks and when to be aggressive and destructive to win the match with power. 

Room for Improvement despite of Series Win against West Indies
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