Shoaib Malik – The Backbone Of Pakistan Cricket Team

As we all know, the team that has flown to England for the Champions Trophy is a quite inexperienced side considering the fact that nine out of fifteen players are playing the tournament for the first time ever, however there is one senior player in the squad who is the only active cricketer from the 90’s and is also one of the most consistent performers of Pakistan, Shoaib Malik.

Shoaib Malik’s experience speaks for itself, having played more than 248 ODI’s and scoring more than 6k runs so Malik knows how to bat well in big matches and pressure situations, also as a senior in the team He should lead by example. when other youngsters fail to absorb the pressure in a big tournament, that’s where The experience of 18 years comes into play as it is his responsibility to anchor the innings which he has done quite alot of times in his career. Not only with the bat, Shoaib Malik has been impressive in the other department of the game aswell as He has proven to be very handy with the ball aswell. Has the ability to pick up wickets when required and can be trusted when giving the ball in hand showing that in the past taking 153 ODI in 248 matches.

Apart from that, it is quite obvious that the trump card from Pakistan would be Shoaib Malik without a doubt, the most senior player and has been one of The most reliant batsman throughout the years, Pakistan’s batting heavily relies on him when our top order like Azhar Ali, Ahmed Shehzad or Babar Azam fail to put slme runs on the board, it is Shoaib Malik is the player who applies a lot of efforts in saving the team from falling. Like everyone saw vs India a couple of days ago, Pakistan had to chase 289 runs in 41 Balls other players like Shehzad Babar couldn’t score much runs and Hafeez and Azhar couldn’t accelerate during the chase but then Shoaib Malik came and played with a strike rate of 166.66 which was required to chase a huge target.

With all that experience and healthy stats in the bag, it is quite evident that Shoaib Malik’s performance is very vital for the team to do well in the Champions Trophy and even after the tournament, hopefully Malik will continue performing well throughout the years as his consistent performance is very important for the success of Pakistan Cricket Team.

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