The Biggest Rivalry: INDIA vs PAKISTAN

As we move closer to the biggest Finale in the history of Champions Trophy, the anxiety, tension and nervousness builds up among the fans and followers of this game. Reportedly, many haven’t slept throughout the night in anxiety, while others are just too nervous to get out of their beds. Social media is full of banters. The match has been trending and ruling over majority social sites since the second semifinal. Media, of both the countries, has been busy covering every possible story linked to this game. All this aside, question is, what makes this one game of Cricket so interesting? What makes this final bigger than other finals?

In short, it’s Urdu vs Hindi. It’s Anday wala burger vs Wara Pao. It’s Ghutka vs Daaru. It’s River Indus vs River Ganges. It’s Breaking Television Sets vs Burning and Protesting. It is Jawed Miandad vs Chetan Sharma and it is Shahid Khan Afridi vs Ravishandran Ashwin. It is Pakistan vs India.

Let’s jump back in time to 1947 when the great sub-continent was divided into two parts, India and Pakistan. 14th August, 1947 was the date when Pakistan appeared on the map of the world. This rivalry started right from that day. Anything, in which India and Pakistan face each other, becomes not just a competition but a serious border rivalry.

Pakistan and India have faced each other in overall 128 ODI matches out of which Pakistan dominates with 72 wins, due to their domination in past, compared to India’s 52. In ICC tournaments, the record is very different. India dominates with 10 wins in 11 of the ICC World Cup and ICC T20 world cup meetings. In Champions Trophy, both teams have faced each other 4 times and results are fair and squared with 2 wins for each.

This is the first time that Pakistan has qualified for the final of this tournament, while India already has won it once and shared the trophy at another occasion in the past.

Past statistics and records do tell us much about the teams’ consistency and how had they been throughout but we must remember, stats can always be altered and history can always be changed.

With the consistent and elegant performances on the Indian Team, and unpredictable yet powerful performances of Pakistani side, we hope to see a much more competitive match this time.

Yet, in this game, no form is promised and no performances are certain. This is all about the pressure handling. Team that handles all the pressure in the best possible way and uses it to their benefit will get the result of their choice.

By Fareeha Mashhadi

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