The Shahid Afridi Show, Season 21 Episode 682.

Few days ago Afridi scored a blistering century to cover up his poor form with bat. Everyone goes crazy. Of course, it’s a thing to be crazy about. Everyone loves Afridi and it’s always nice to see him in form. But then every single Pakistani gets mad on him the moment he ditches to participate in the farewell match and ceremony from the PCB for the something called Afghan T20 League.

Fans obviously got mad on him with multiple reasons. One was political and the other was to not to see him play for the last time in front of his own crowd. Many were disgusted and disappointed. But then, came the finals day and the dads who never had interest in the English domestics switched to the Sky Sports Cricket just to see Afridi play. Those who were disgusted asked for the live streaming links. All the struggle a boy manages just to see Afridi open the innings for the Hants to chase 170 and make it to the Final. Pupils dilated, cool breathes and fast heartbeat.

It’s the fat Samit Patel who gets to bowl the over, who has been in good form all season for the Notts. But again, you have a feeling that Afridi can somehow manage to get off the mark. For a moment you try to console yourself by thinking how good the pitch is to score some boundaries.

It’s Afridi ladies and gentlemen, people of Southampton sit for a moment to witness him. Afridi plays high but doesn’t even cares if he avoids to edge it and its in Hales’ hands!

It’s usually ” From Zero To Hero” but here it was from Afridi to Afridi. It’s something Pakistanis are used to, vintage Afridi.

He might have a bad day with the bat but had a decent date with the ball. And most importantly, the man is still loved at the end of the day for being Afridi.

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