The Stoke’s Amelioration

“Remember that just because you hit the bottom doesn’t mean you have to stay there.” –Robert Downey Jr.

Three years ago, he bowled the last over of the T20 World Cup final against West Indies, his team was on its verge of victory, but the most unimaginable happened and he was smashed for four back to back sixes. He lost it all, tears gushing down his face as he fell to the ground, the taste of defeat is capable of tearing down one’s world, another human cannot imagine the pain which is felt to be this close to victory and yet end up on the losing side and is the reason of the defeat, its capable of shattering dreams which one longed to be turned into reality. But when he fell it didn’t mean that he was going to stay on the ground, that he was going to be miserable for the coming days.

He rose to make up for his mistakes. He redeemed himself and bit by bit he trained himself to be the savior of his team when he will be needed the most. He failed many times but he never let it go, he chose to stay hopeful and wait for the moment to prove himself.

Then three years later the time to prove his worth finally arrived when he was given another chance by nature to prove himself. It was the Cricket World Cup 2019 final, New Zealand against England, both teams desperate to get the title for the first time. Holding up New Zealand to a chase-able target, it seemed as if England had already won the contest.

But the Kiwis were not ready to forget about winning after reaching this close to the title. They kept their calm and took essential wickets. The English wickets were falling one by one, but there was one guy, who stood there having no intent to fall too, the same player who was brutally smacked in the World T20 Final back in 2016. His placidity was enough for England to turn the tides towards the winners’ trophy. His blistering knock of 84 not out brought back hopes for the Englishmen and resulted in a tie and then his commendable efforts along with his teammate Jos Buttler in the super over got England to defend 15 runs. The Kiwis fell one run short and scored 15 runs as England won the World Cup having scored the most number of boundaries. His innings of 84* earned him the player of the match in the grand finale of the biggest cricket event to be held.

His play in the whole tournament was entertaining, having scored 465 runs in 10 innings and grabbing 7 wickets, he proved that you can change the way things are going on in your life, he was determined to end up as a hero and he did, because of him the spectators saw probably one of the best innings ever in a cricket World Cup final, he gave us the most thrilled World Cup final ever, his efforts paid off and he finally made up to the mistake he made back in 2016 against West Indies, the player was none other than the World Cup Final hero, Benjamin Andrew Stokes.

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