To all the karachities out there,

It will be much greater like increasingly bigger. It would be the first match when I will observe the international match here at my fav NSK, first international match in all my years as I was a little kid with no feeling of game when lamentably cricket got ban in Pakistan. What’s more, there are numerous crazy fans here around my age, who experienced something very similar and we know how huge and exciting it would be.

We need to demonstrate that Pakistan is a safe country to play and we need cricket back in Pakistan as of now Psl is having it’s influence to restore Cricket and it ended up being agreeable to Pakistan cricket however, this time it would be the official revival of international cricket in Pakistan. I additionally wanna experience how it goes, what it looks like live, there are lots of questions and excitement aswell and who can hardly wait to see our stars of international 11 playing together in front of us.. it’s us who should make it paramount, effective and worth remembering. Being karachitie we are fortunate enough to get this open door that and it’s a honor for us that we are facilitating while different other cities fantasy about doing as such.
Yet, it’s too baffling to even think about knowing that people are too reluctant to even think about watching the match. There is no fervor or anything. We need to demonstrate this is the city of lights and city of cricket and we are peace adoring nation, prepared to invite each country to play here.

I encourage you karachi and closest cities to support and cheer your fav player and Pakistan cricket. it would be the historical on tomorrow directly after over 10 years that NSK will have by an ODI match between #pakvssl I wanna see energy and excitement all around. I request all of you to come and cheer for your country. Be a part of uproarious crowd ????

Try not to miss it and show the world the real us. Show them our adoration for game. Go to get your tickets asap ?

And do remember it would be us who will speak to Pakistan swarm so be kind disciplined and restrained inside the stands. Abide the rules of being a good fan. Try not to make chaos, mess and throw trash around. Try not to drive individuals around. Be understanding and don’t make any kind of savagery. Try not to utilize abusing language or don’t make any kind of cruel remarks. Don’t bash anyone. Try not to utilize slang and please maintain a strategic distance from unseemly or political slogans as it makes a downright terrible impression. Try not to demonstrate dishonest and unethical conduct and be outstanding amongst other crowd. Lots of love and see all of you there ?
Btw who is your fav star playing tomorrow and you can’t wait to cheer him. ?

a cricket fan,
Maham ali shah.

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