I have seen Azam Khan playing and performing in different tournaments during ramadan but honestly speaking its too early for him to be launched on bigger platform like PSL. Till last year he was not even playing regular cricket, although he made few tours with PAK U-19 but apart from that he only used to play matches on his Father’s ground in Karachi.

From this Ramadan he started playing regular matches and played most of the Ramadan tournaments for Omar Associates but honestly speaking he has got some big issues of fitness and he is also not that mature game wise. it would have been much better for him to play some more club, district & region games first to improve his fitness and game awareness.

I considered his early selection as injnustice to his talent because it doesn’t seems to be right time for him to play at that highest level but seems like whole media comes out to defend his selection in Quetta Gladiators. Most of the sports anchors on different TV channels & social media are trying to justify his selections by saying he has scored 100 in American League, some saying he scored 150 in club game in Ramadan, few are saying he is best hitter in Pakistan.

Media is just defending Azam’s selection because his father Moin Khan and Team Owner Nadeem owner have very good relations with them. I’m once again mentioning that Azam is not a bad player he can be proven good in future but the way Gladiator’s owner backing him and considering him even bigger hitter than Chris Gayle might cause him in future.

Now here comes the question if he is that good than why he hasn’t been picked for National T20, why he is not playing any domestic or first class cricket, why he has not been picked by domestic teams in Pakistan ??? The answer is simple and that’s because he hasn’t launched himself in professional cricket apart from playing few Ramadan tournaments and now playing in some 3rd Grade Club Leagues in America like Delas Premier League.

Another question raised here is he has been preferred over Bismillah khan who was the 2nd wicket-keeper of the side and only local player from Quetta in the side but thay sacrificed his place for Azam’s selection because he is also wicket-keeper and if we compare Bismillah’s stats with Azam in professional cricket than i’m sorry to say Azam has nothing to show because he hasn’t played any top quality professional cricket yet.

I know team owners are investing lot of money from their pocket on their teams but while selecting a team they also need to realize that they are selecting a team who will represent a whole region, So they should also care about the sentiments of their supporters rather than selecting their own favorites and ignoring those deserves place in side on merit.



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