What is Formula One?

Formula 1 might not be much famous in South Asia but it is one of the most growing motor sports in different parts of the world now. Out of 1,000 only 1 person might watch Formula 1. One of the reason of low popularity about Formula 1 in Asia is because of the mis concepts about it. And these mis concepts are really stupid and false. Here’s a little introduction about Formula 1 and then the mis concepts spread about it.

”What is Formula 1 and why is it called Formula 1?”

Formula 1 is called Formula 1 because of the set of rules and regulations given by the FIA. The constructors should design and make their Formula 1 cars according to the given criteria. So the word ”Formula” is used for the rules and regulation which constructors follow. The ”1” stands for being number one motor sports in the world. Formula 1 is the highest motor sports racing category by the FIA. Formula 1 is competed between 10 constructors (As per 2017). Each team has two drivers which means two cars. A total of 20 drivers compete for the Formula 1 championship on the grid. The rules and regulations are changed after the end of every season. The Formula 1 cars are the fastest road vehicle. In 2005, the BARS-Honda set a record of top speed in Formula 1, reaching 413 Km/h. Formula 1 championship season has 20 rounds (As per 2017). These rounds are hosted in different parts of the world. The driver with the most points in the Championship table at the end of the season is crowned as the Formula 1 Champion. And the team with most points on the Constructor’s Championship table win the constructing championship. An F1 car is made up with more than 80,000 components. According to a report in 2014, a Formula 1 cars costs around 9.4 Million Dollars. And a car might face damage several times so you can imagine what the repairing or replacement cost would be. The Formula 1 car is made up with the composites of carbon fibre and some more light weight materials. The maximum weight allowed is 720 Kg. Although the engineers try their best to reduce weight as much as they can for better acceleration.

The current engines being used in Formula 1 are turbocharged 1.6-litre V6 engines. There are up to EIGHT gear shifts in Formula 1 now. Formula 1 has always been innovative and in early 90s cars were equipped with more technology, specially the new steering wheels which have gear shafts behind the steering. The best engines so far used in Formula 1 are v8 and v10. There special noise is still missed by fans and many still hope that they’ll come back.

In race, the drivers who finish in top then receive points. The drivers who finish after the top 10 do not receive any points. Following are the points earned after finishing in the top 10:

First Position : 25 points
Second Position : 18 points
Third Position : 15 points
Fourth Position : 12 points
Fifth Position : 10 points
Sixth Position : 8 points
Seventh Position : 6 points
Eighth Position : 4 points
Ninth Position : 2 points
Tenth Position : 1 point

This is still not a brief introduction of Formula 1 but it is just like a basic to know the sport.

Now, mostly in Asia people think of racing as a stupid thing. They think it is easy. They think formula 1 is too dangerous and every race ends up into a disaster. They also think that cars race in an oval circuit in Formula 1. There are countless illogical excuses people make to not know the Formula. Let’s talk about some basic ‘Mis concept’ in people’s mind about Formula 1.


Well, that’s completely irrelevant. There are 20 circuits in a Formula 1 calendar now. Every circuit allows a lot of speed, a lot of bumps and many challenging corners or turns. Every track obviously has around 15-20 turns and all of them now are difficult and challenging. It’s fun that sometimes when the leading driver can lose his position in just matter of nano second if they brake at corners too much or if they brake lately. It takes a lot of mind and efforts to defend a position or take a lead when trying to overtake in corners. Sometimes one driver brakes a little late and next thing he know that he was overtaken and the driver who was behind him is now ahead of him with a big gap. Every circuit has completely different variation and characteristics and that is what makes the competition in Formula 1. Usually of course a driver needs a faster car and needs to be fast to finish in top 3 but sometimes at street circuits like Monaco and Baku, you don’t need speed but you want extreme racing skills and a mind to race. Thousands of people in team work for one car and pit stops and racing strategy also matters in Formula 1.


That’s correct! The cars do the work. But drivers are the one who drive them and avoid every possible danger to finish the race. Every team follows the same rule and regulations. Some teams just can not figure out how to make cars faster. But sometimes in the past the world has witnessed low powered cars ending up in podiums or top 10. It always depends on how good the driver is, how good the driver drives and how strong they are mentally. Sometimes less skilled drivers get to drive with the faster cars technically but they fail to impress. Some drivers do not dare to go wheel to wheel racing to overtake due to fear but a good driver always does. A person once said something about all fearless drivers ” And they are not just different physically, but they are also different in something which only they have, they have this burning rage to win ”. Sometimes a driver spends a lot of laps stuck behind one car but his concentration is still to overtake even if he’s in 3rd or 2nd position. F1 drivers risk their lives and race on high speeds just because of their passion so it’s clearly not just the cars doing all the work……


Well that’s like committing a big crime in sports world. F1 drivers don’t just drive but they go through a lot of fitness programs on daily basis. F1 requires drivers with specific weight and height. F1 drivers are also required to do exercises on daily basis and it is impossible if a driver ditches all the fitness programs and daily exercises. Drivers are also required to increase their stamina. When in an F1 car, they drive in a temperature of up to 50 degree Celsius. The F1 drivers of course drive on high speeds and when it comes to corners or turns when they apply brakes, they face gravity force 6 to 7 times stronger than person normally does. F1 drivers also lose body fluids two times more than a person does in one day. So saying that F1 drivers are not athletes and that it’s easy to race in a Formula 1 car, you should have a look on it.

Formula 1 is now growing all over the world. Recently the Russian President stated that they were going through a problem of over booked hotels because of Formula 1 and he hopes the sport grows this way all over the world.  You should give it a chance and witness all the drama that happens in a Grand Prix racing. Formula 1 is mixed with emotions and teamwork. It’s amazing to witness 20 cars competing to win at high speed  and after all drama only one driver turns out to win the race


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