Who Is The Greatest Cricketer Of All Time And What Makes Him The Greatest?

Ricky Ponting- Arguably The Greatest Cricketer of all time

When we talk about listing some of the greatest Players to ever play the sport, people would usually include greats like Imran Khan, Gary Sobers ot Sachin Tendulkar as their glorious career speaks for themselves but there is one other cricketer that is quite familiar with the term Legend since his achievements in the past have compelled many fans that love and follow the game call him an integral Player in the sport and one would definitely not argue if anyone labels him as the Greatest Cricketer of all time.

Ricky Ponting’s Stupendous career can be summed up in word which is extraordinary, ever since his debut he has taken his national Team Australia to higher heights and has helped them become the team they are today. Ponting is the first Batsman to score ODI centuries against all test playing test nations which is something very commendable. Not only that the Australian Lad also holds for scoring most runs in ODI history as captain. He has also got most career runs batting at one particular position. All these records explain that Ponting is no less then a gem when it comes to batting and justifies his name among some great batsmen of the sport.

Just when you thought Ponting was called a great just because of his excellent Batting, a set of Captaincy Records await you as Ricky has turned out to be the greatest Leader Cricket has seen. He is the most capped ODI captain in history of the Format and has also played the most number of matches as a Captain in World Cups, not only that Ponting has also led the national team to World Cup glory. This shows that only is he a Great Batsman but a Brave Leader that has captained the men in Yellow with sheer confidence.

All these achievements and records prove that not only is he one of the best Player to play the sport but also the greatest player of all time as after 1970 we have seen Great Batsmen like Viv Richards, Gary Sobers, Javed Miandad, Brian Lara, Sachin Tendulkar Etc, but none of these wonderful players could attain better rankings than the one and only Ricky Ponting in this Era which again states he is the Greatest Cricketer of all time.

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