Why has Pakistan stopped excelling in sports?

I don’t know whether it’s a fiction or reality. In both cases it hurts a lot. We can just dream of such childhood. What are you people thinking? Let me tell you about watching interviews of celebrities, cricketers, actors, politicians, singers, the interesting part is that they all play sports.

The place where they used to play was their school. The school provided every facility to students at that time. They took part in inter school competitions, not only cricket or football, every sports were there to play.

Coaches and trainers were there for students, schools were considered as nurseries for National level teams in the past. We heard about inter school cricket tournaments, football tournaments, hockey, volleyball and many more, students loved to play and study both just because of a wonderful atmosphere.

Similarly colleges and universities level sports were on top. There were scholarships and awards for good players. While I was talking with a senior citizen about the sports in old days, I was shocked to know that the person with good Sports skills was like a hero and society used to respect his skills.

Lets come to the so called Modern Era,

What is a school if you ask a child?

Tests, homework, quiz, papers, monthly tests and similar academic related tasks.

Where are sports now a days ?

Schools are not schools any more, it’s a business and more than 90 percent of schools are just a tall building with no grounds. If schools are not providing you an opportunity, try playing after school.

Really after school how?  

Oh sorry I forget about your tuitions, TVs, games, homework, I don’t know whether to cry or laugh why Pakistan school system of education is that much cruel.

It took away childhood from children and adulthood from adults.

And then we say our children are addicted to TV and social media. No we parents compel them to do this, how many times have you asked your child about his interest for a sport? 

How many of us have asked our parents about joining sports academy and what was the answer?  

A big NO, focus on study is instructed and programmed in the brains of the children.

And yes those insulting lines:

“Us ke bete ko dekha hai? 100 % Liya hai or ek ap ho cricket cricket. Sharm karo, Kuch sekho us se”

These lines are enough for anyone to forget about his interest and accept the cruel Pakistani education system.

We used to be happy when we completed our school and were thinking about enjoyments. What was waiting desperately for us was the “entry test” so we start our same struggle again. But were happy after listening

bas 2 sal hai university mai to mazay hi mazay ha ”

And then the fight of GPA, many of us knew warning, probation, paper fail, summer semester and yes the most painful dropout.

What is happening outside Pakistan, parents encourage children to play sports and they ask about considering sports as a career. School level sports, college level, university level is all over the world. We listen about top footballers and their story of how they were playing under 6, 7, 8 and got selected for junior academies. And what hurts a lot to hear is, a player when he say’s he is a Madrid academy graduate, or Barcelona, Man United etc. A lot to say but, this is enough to point out why National level teams are not performing, Pakistan are out of the Hockey World cup and Azlan Shah, Champions Trophy Hockey. In cricket, Pakistan are fighting for a place in the world cup. And yes Pakistan’s football is stuck between fight of two federations.

Pakistan needs to change their education system otherwise it’s not far away to choose any other team instead of Pakistan as the favorite of Pakistani’s, not because of performance but because of poor ranking and out of major trophies like Football, Pakistani’s support teams like Germany, Spain, Brazil etc because they don’t have their own team.

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