BCCI Heading Towards Isolation

Board Of Control For Cricket In India is on the brink of isolation from cricketing universe. BCCI has decided to send a letter to ICC regarding their non acceptance of the 2014 ICC Members Participation Agreement (MPA). The newly proposed revenue model of ICC has reduced India’s share to $293 millions from $570 million under Big-3 revenue model 2014.

ICC offered additional $100 millions to settled the issue but BCCI haven’t accepted this offer too. This offers still stands and Special General Meeting (SGM) of BCCI is going to give it’s final verdict on this issue on 7th May 2017. Internal sources of BCCI are claiming that BCCI is ready to pull out of upcoming ICC Champions Trophy and possibly they are going to pull out of all the ICC events till 2023.

Experts says that BCCI is using pressure tactics to pressurize ICC to bow down in front of BCCi, but they are not aware of the counter strike by ICC and Board members of ICC who can stop issuing NOC’s to there players to play IPL and the IPL could be in jeopardy.

All the members of BCCI are on one page to send a threatening letter to ICC and to wait till the response of ICC. According to BCCI sources this letter can help BCCI very much but yet all these things are not official, these are the news from the sources and yet the final call to be taken on 7th May 2017.

In case, if BCCI pulls out of all ICC event’s this can be somehow a financial loss to ICC but on greater extent BCCI is going to suffer a huge loss if other board’s stop issuing NOC’s to there players to play in IPL and they can boycott BCCI for any bilateral series as well in future.

Editor’s View:

There are too many options on both sides but in my personal opinion BCCI is going to suffer a lot then the other party. Money is not bigger than game, if all other boards are ready to play under the revised model of revenue then BCCI should accept this offer too, because no body is bigger then the game.

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