Can Cricket Overcome Football Globally?

Cricket, a sport that was initially designed to be played for 5 days among 2 teams having to bat, bowl and field. Invented by the English, the game spread to the places these powerful invaders went. Now, if you want to see what areas have once been an English colony, you should find cricket there. Years after it was invented, Cricket took it’s spot at international level. Now the game we see is a more refined form of what we find in history. As days passed and era developed, newer and shorter formats were introduced. People have not much spare time to watch 5 days long matches so one day and now T20s are more popular. Comparatively, other sport called Football is, a much simpler yet complex enough game, watched and played almost everywhere in the world. It’s global popularity can not be challenged as it has been proved by witnesses as well as statistics. A game of 90 minutes, played between 2 teams with a ball aiming to get the ball in the opponent’s goal to score. Not as simple as it sounds though, but we, here, need not to discuss the details of it, it’s popularity that matters. English colonized areas namely, Australia, New Zealand, S. Africa, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, have cricket as a popular game. England itself has a huge fan base of the game along with West Indies. Now Afghanistan, Zimbabwe and Ireland are also making their way into the international level. But cricket is yet not as favourite as football. From the torn grounds of Baghdad to the well maintained grounds in Munich, from narrow​ streets of Rio to wide plains of Scottish Highlands, from deserts of Ajman to green pitches of Rome, travel across the world and you will see kids, teenagers, adults and elderly with a ball at their feet or a bag of their favourite team or least, wearing the jersey of their favourite​ player. You don’t see that for cricket or any other sport. Football has passed all the stages of development and downfall in the past to make its way deep down in the hearts of people from where there is no exit. It has reached the heights of love that none other has ever achieved and from here, there is no going down. Football, for most, is like oxygen they breath, and for others, is a drug they are addicted to. The average attendance in a football match at Signal Iduna Park, Germany, is 80 thousand. Average attendance at Old Trafford during a simple league match is 75 thousand. While average attendance for an ICC cricket world cup final isn’t even half of it. Summing it all up all, this debate is off the table. Football is way ahead but cricket is on its way. Everything has to pass through a certain phase, a period, that plays a vital role in it’s development yet is too tough for some and may end up in destruction. Cricket may be going through one of these phases, and the international body has to play its part in it. Every scandal or a negative report sends the game decades back in its development process. There is a lot of work that needs to be done for the game of cricket. It may take decades for Cricket to reach near to where Football is now, but global popularity will not come in near future.

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