Coronavirus fears getting over nerves disrupting PSL and worldwide cricket

With the soaring fears and threats of globally spread Coronavirus, everything is being affected adversely pessimistic comprising the cricket enthusiasm over the globe.

Following the safety precautions and measures, the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) have divulged some haggles regarding the ongoing Pakistan Super League (PSL) according to which the abide of the matches of the league will be played behind the closed doors to avoid any wax and wane.

The action taken to avoid audience at the stadiums is for the good will and safety of the citizens as the issue of Coronavirus is no more just limited to social trolls as surplus cases have been observed in recent days around Pakistan.

Also, the international players, that have been in Pakistan to be the segment of PSL, who have been the major sources of revival of cricket in Pakistan are willing to leave the country sooner following their health along safety measures.

The names of the players have been showed in the image posted below:

Well, following the fears of Coronavirus, governments of many countries have plonked restrictions over the entrance of foreigners. The Pakistan government might think of it too and the flights might get cancel. This ought to be thence another prominent reason for the international stars to depart themselves from the remaining schedule of PSL and to leave for their respective countries avoiding being stuck off.

It ain’t only limited to Pakistan as the to be started Indian Premier League (IPL) as revealed by the cricket authorities in India is to be played behind the closed doors. Also, the England captain has denounced avoidance of handshakes in their tour of Sri Lanka. Following Joe Root, South Africa’s coach has also taken the same step and there will be no handshakes among the Indian and South African players during the series. Turmoil everywhere!

It is to be noted hereby that the PCB have rescheduled the play-offs and final of the PSL as players from foreign countries soon will be not available and in order to wind up the outdoor game soon because of Coronavirus. The renewed schedule has been posted below:


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