Champions Trophy 2017

Can The Underdogs Conquer The Unbeaten Hosts?

Walking into the Tournament, Pakistan had been underestimated by many people and they were told that it would be a miracle even if Pakistan go through to the Semi Finals looking at their squad. Known for their unpredictability, Pakistan managed to book a spot in the Semi’s by fighting hard and showing great amount of effort in the group stages however, the main question that arises here is will Pakistan Beat the best Team in Champions Trophy 2017, England on Wednesday?

Now that the Underdogs have crossed all the hurdles and made it to the bigger stage, it is time for Pakistan to pull up their socks as they cannot afford to make big mistakes against a team like England who have been consistently performing well against big teams and have not yet faced a loss in the tournament and to face off against them in a Semi Final is going to be a tough task for Pakistan to overcome.

Pakistan has had a decent Champions Trophy this year considering the fact that they have a new Captain and the squad they are playing is not very experienced and many are playing the tournament for the first time but still Pakistan managed to beat the number one ODI side in the world South Africa and also a tough team like Sri Lanka so it is quite evident that Pakistan has the ability to beat England if they have a plan in their mind and go with the right combination to win the match.

Players like Shoaib Malik, Babar Azam, Mohammad Amir, Hassan Ali, Sarfaraz Ahmed will be key to success for Pakistan heading into this clash as these guys are all consistent performers and have experience in playing big matches so they know how to play well in pressure situations. Apart from these few players, it is important for every player of Pakistan to contribute and give their level best in all departments of the game if they ought to win this huge battle against England.

However, it is obvious some players can get under pressure in a massive game like we saw against India which led to
Disappointing performance but then Pakistan came back into the tournament with different energy level and passion which is required to win a Semi Final.

One Advantage for Pakistan is that they are playing this match at the same venue where They Played Sri Lanka so the players would be familiar with the conditions of the ground, along with that, they have also beaten England at the same ground the last time they met in an ODI match which is a good sign for Pakistan.

All the fans will certainly be hoping Pakistan somehow show their unpredictability on the field once again so that they can pull off as some would say a miraculous victory against a very tough side which would then put them into the final of the Champions Trophy and that itself is a huge achievement as Pakistan were not favourite’s of winning the tournament.

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