Champions Trophy 2017

Improvement Factors For The Pakistan Cricket Team

Pakistan vs. Sri Lanka was a match full of suspense in which it looked impossible to predict which team will make its way into the semis. After a good close match Pakistan wrote its name in the group B semi-finalists. Pakistan won the match but their next match is against a very strong team in which they need to come more prepared and stronger. Let’s have a look at the improvements that Pakistan needs to make sure that they are a difficult team to play a game with:

  • Planning: Lack of planning and mindset is seen in the team. The team needs to know the weaknesses of the opponent team and the strength of their own team to overpower them and the way of tackling them. The team needs to have a plan in their mind on how to play each over whether they of are batting or bowling.
  • Stability and consistency: This factor is missing badly in the team. The team needs to play chance less when the team is struggling to not gift the match to the opponent team and they need to perform consistently and play with a clear mind and have a strict plan on how to play each over
  • Batting: Pakistan team batting is making the hearts drop of their fans since forever because of its unpredictability. The batsmen need to keep a decent balance between rotation of strike and hard hitting. The batsmen need to refrain from playing so many dots and try to rotate the strike as much as possible. The batsmen should try to play stable and consistent.
  • Handling the pressure: The team which keeps calm in the falling moment is team which lifts the cup. They should play as they are here to win only without a single thought of losing the game. They need to hold their nerves and play with a clear mind even when the match is not in their favor. Handling the pressure is what takes the team to the sky from the earth.
  • Body language: Body language of a team determines that how hopeful they are to win the game. The team needs to play confidently, aggressively and play their natural game. The fielders should try to be as active as a lion when it is about to catch its prey. As Catches win matches, the fielders should try their level best when catching the ball. They should run behind the ball with their full strength to make the ball stop some runs and concede as many less runs as they could so it is easy to chase or defend.

If Pakistan team has a look at these factors and tries to play professional and modern cricket, it is possible that they will come as a tougher team to play with.

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