Champions Trophy 2017

The Champions Trophy 2017 Journey of the Unpredictables

It will be not wrong to say that the world knows Pakistan team as the term unpredictables because they can win against all the odds and can lose against all the expectations. Pakistan admirers know their team as the term cornered tigers because of their ability of coming back stronger and attacking the opponent like an injured tiger. Let’s take a look back at the dark days of Pakistan and how they bounced back with more power.

It was a team whose participation was not confirmed in the year 2016, a team whose aggressive opener and a talented bowler got banned, a team whose only hard hitter was forced to send back because of lack of fitness, a team whose exceptional fast bowler who was the highest wicket taker in the second edition of PSL was not selected because of a very imperative issue of fitness. A team whose captain was all new and it was his first ICC tournament as a leader, A team whose number of players were playing their first ICC tournament, A team who was underestimated, A team who was mocked but it was a team of young blood, a team of determined players who aimed to win the tournament for their fans who were deprived of joy.

After winning the warm-up match against Bangladesh the fans aimed high and higher for their team.

The big day of fourth June came. Pakistani fans were hoping against all odds of winning the match against their arch rivals. Pakistani batsmen were given a heck of a total of 319 by the Indian batting line up to chase which was reduced to 289 runs initially because of D/L method. The batsmen failed to stay stable and gifted the match to India in the thirty third over scoring only 164 runs. The fans were disappointed but still deep down in their heart they still hoped to be the No 1 and nothing less.

Pakistan Team stepped with new energy and mindset in a game of do or die against the No 1 team of ODI cricket: The Protease. Pakistan bowling attack made the top batsmen of the cricketing world fail and the target they provided to Pakistan to achieve was 219 runs. Pakistan batsmen were on a total of 119 runs in 27 overs when suddenly the rain planned to deceive the South African team to make Pakistan breathe a new life. Pakistan was 19 runs ahead according to the D/L method so they won the match comfortably. The fans were again pumped up and hoped that their team can continue the same form.

The next match was against the brothers: The Sri Lankans. Pakistan bowling attack again didn’t disappoint the expectations as Sri Lanka team was all out on 236 runs in 49 overs. This team batting tried to give Pakistani fans a heart attack but Sarfaraz the skipper and Amir the fast bowler and a handy batsman at difficult time came as a rescue to their dying team and tried to save the side. Pakistan’s luck was working as Sarfaraz catch was dropped 2 times and he availed the chance intelligently scoring the winning runs and the team made its way into the Semi-Finals. The team and the fans breathed sigh of relief.

The Semi-Final match was against the unbeaten hosts who looked very treacherous and threatening. Pakistan bowling attack worked like magic and the top team was all out for not a decent total of 211 runs in a very imperative match. The batsmen played sensibly and scored total with only the fall of 2 wickets in 37 overs which was a moment to cherish. The team, the management and the aficionados were at the peak of contentment and wished to win the big title.

It was the mother of all rivalries, it was Pakistan vs India. It was more than a match in the hearts of the supporters. Everything stopped for a couple of hours because it was the biggest game in the cricketing history. The Pakistani followers were praying whole heartedly for achieving this title. Pakistan batted remarkably and they availed every chance that their luck was providing them with. They scored a giant total of 338 runs. Pakistan bowlers are always a treat to watch and how can they go pear-shaped in this huge stage when millions of people are praying for your success. They bowled exceptionally that the words can’t express and the best batting line up was all out for 158 runs in just 30 overs. Pakistan outclassed India in all three departments and not to forget they also handled pressure well. The celebration by Pakistan team won the hearts of many and the fans refused to move from the stadium or from the TV because they just couldn’t miss out on this incredible moment.

Pakistan team proved that with determination, hard work, enthusiasm nothing is impossible. The team came back as cornered tigers and overpowered the best teams like a true fighter. The young blood of the team became the heroes of the country. Pakistan team provided their nation with the happiness that was longed due, the whole nation was united under one flag and one slogan “Pakistan Zindabad”
There were tears of joy, there was happiness, there was joy, there was an immense feeling of proud and why not Pakistan team conquered their arch rivals in Champions trophy final to claim the victory. It was EID before EID for the Pakistani’s. Pakistan devotees felt an amazing sensation that the words cannot do justice when their team embraced the Trophy in front of the whole world and told the world:

You can take cricket out of Pakistan but you cannot take Pakistan out of cricket.

This phenomenal victory was celebrated for days not only in Pakistan but around the globe by the cricket loving Nation “Pakistan” and will be cherished for years to come because a No 8 team was leaving as real Champions.

Hai jazba junoon tu himmat na haar, justuju jo karay wo chuye asmaan’ Cheers.

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