Champions Trophy 2017

The Crucial Final Moment

Pakistani Cricket team makes it to a One-day tournament’s final after 18 years. The last time Pakistan played a final, in 1999, the defeat shocked the world. Pakistan choked the final. It was one sided. The nation was broken. It was already worse until allegations were made against the team. It was nothing more than a disaster. Years later, Pakistan has made it to the final of Champions Trophy 2017. Unexpectedly, the team which was prediction as the first one to be knocked out is the first team in the final. Can you believe it? A team losing again and again, ranked last in the top 8 rankings makes it to the final.

Guess what! It does not matter whether Pakistani team is number one or number eight. You don’t have to be unbeatable for 2 years to make it into the final of a tournament. All you need is to realize the countless support of fans and feel the passion running in your veins. You are born for this situation. You went through hell to come here. You worked your whole life to get here. You gave everything you had. And here that moment is. It’s just one match away. One victory will register your name in the history. The glory is just one game away.

You’ve done more than the nation asked you for. You did the impossible and the nation loves you. The nation is proud of you. Even if you lose they’ll be proud of you. Now it’s all up to you to win the game. You have enough to look into the eyes of India. You play for the team for which Imran Khan, Waqar Younis, Wasim Akram played for. You are given the responsibility to continue their legacy. Go out their, be fearless and fight till the end. This might be the final moment but it’s just one final. It is the first of many. This team is built on the base of faith. It does not matter whether you’re the favorite or not. As long as you believe in yourself and are ready to win, nothing will bother you. Faith is more important. Have faith to win the game. Be brave, be a cornered tiger. A cornered tiger fights quietly and roars on the victory. It does not matter if it is India or any other team. A cornered tiger keeps on fighting. It never gives up. You are the chosen ones, prove yourself and fight hard.

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