Champions Trophy 2017

What Pakistan Has To Do To Qualify For The Champions Trophy Semi Finals

India faced a defeat against the Lankan’s on 7th June 2017 at The Oval. That opened up Pool B of Champions Trophy 2017 with all teams having equal number of points.

The standings in Pool B are:

1 – India with 2 points
2 – South Africa with 2 points
3 – Sri Lanka with 2 points
4 – Pakistan with 2 points

These standings balance the equation of Pool B and takes net run rate out of the equation.
The next two games of pool B are India vs South Africa and Pakistan vs Sri Lanka

It is fair enough to say both the games will be quarter finals since who ever manages to be victorious from both the games, get’s a direct ticket to the Semi Finals.

Both inform teams Pakistan and Sri Lanka will clash against each other in Cardiff on Monday 12th June 2017 in a decisive match. All Pakistan needs to do is win against Sri Lanka and they will be through to the Semi’s.

Whereas South Africa and India are the teams who will have a fairly low morale going onto play against each other in a decisive match at The Oval on Sunday 11th June 2017. The team that tastes victory in this match confirms itself a place in the semi finals.

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