Fuming query: Why there is no Fawad Rana seen?

He once said,

“We are tired of losing,”

Might be so much heartbreaking and wrenching for the Qalandars fans and the investor Rana Fawad seeing drabness of the franchise in all the departments.

A lot of blunders from Lahore Qalandars have made them the least imposed franchise of Pakistan Super League (PSL) since the initiations as they have chosen to stay at the lower spot frequently.

The PSL 2020 as well has not brought them a stroke of good luck as Qalandars following blunders have hardly managed to win a single against Gladiators and have awfully followed miserable drabness in the rests.

Qalandars have gone for every changing strategy thinking it might work in favor of the team. From trying practicing modifications in players to striving to put modifications in the captain, they have endeavored avoiding diversity but never got lucrative. Yes! Aqib Javed, the finest blunder for Qalandars is remaining. Just writing, it might be fortunate for the side if they go with the change in this exposure.

The franchise owned by businessman Rana Fawad has got no luck and is losing the fan base with crucial criticism and the most astonishing piece of the story is, he is seen nowhere in the stadium supporting his team.

In the prior edition, Rana Fawad despite the team being crudely scrambled was discerned at every match supporting the Qalandars whereas, the questions that arise in the minds of many are, WHERE IS RANA FAWAD? WHY ISN’T HE SEEN ANYWHERE? WHY ISN’T HE THERE IN THE STADIUMS IN ANY MATCH SUPPORTING HIS TEAM?

Despite meltdowns, he was seen cheering up among the audience dancing with grace on every minor triumph but this year, No Fawad Rana in the cloud of defeats? The fuming query is, WHY?

The probable answer that might solve the mysteries is something that no one has. From initiations to the terminations, his brother Atif Rana is the one representing the team on every respective platform and with zero questions raised at the relevant issue along with zero comments made over to solve the hidden queries.

The question might be, is Fawad Rana disappointed to the team with such a massive extent that he no more wants to be in the stadium supporting his franchise with zero expectations from them to be successful one day or he is hurt oddly that nothing despite victory could heal the pain?

Some cheered-up and dissatisfied glimpses of Fawad Rana from PSL 2019

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1 Comment

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