History of Spell Bounding El Classico

El Classico is referred to as a match between the two football giant teams, FC Barcelona and Real Madrid. It is the most viewed rivalry in the history of sports. Almost 650 million folks watch it live on their T.V sets. It is not just a match for the locals of Madrid and Barcelona but it involves the past un-synchronized political views between the two Spanish cities. Madrid represents the Spanish nationalism while their arch-rivals represent Catalan nationalism and are often called as Catalans.

El Classico owns a rich history, always peaking up to the hopes of the spectators. The competition never fails to surprise the football world. Both the clubs are among the most followed teams. The two clubs are also considered the best ones in the football world. Real Madrid has a better track record when it comes to stats.


El Classico experienced a lot of  competition and tug-of-war between the clubs. Sometimes Real Madrid got humiliated by FCB while sometimes the result was totally different. In 235 competitive head on encounters, Real Madrid have won 95 while 91 matches ended making Catalans as the winners.49 of them ended as draw or no result.

In exhibition matches, FC Barcelona has a better record and won 20 of them.

One of the biggest el Classico wins happened in 1943 when Barcelona got owned by Real Madrid and the result was 11-1. Catalans’ biggest win is 7 goals to none in 1913. No one can forget the famous 2010 head on encounter in Santiago Bernabeu. FCB won by 5-0 and the match seemed to be a wrestle mania throughout the 90 minutes. Both the team played fiercely.

Lionel Messi is the most successful player in el Classicos, scoring 25 goals in the clashes. Stefano of Real Madrid has scored 18. Lionel Messi is the best player ever in the history of La Liga, scoring 500+ goals for his club and still counting. He is the most astonishing player from La Massia, the grooming club of Catalan. Real Madrid got the services of many stars like Alfredo di Stefano, Zidane, Roberto Carlos , Kaka, Ronaldo, Beckham, Khedira, Xabi Alonso, Mesut Ozil and  Di Maria in the past. Their team always used to consist of half a dozen of stars at a time. Real Madrid never compromised on the combination of players.

FC Barcelona also has a rich history when it comes to stars.  The likes of Maradona, Pep Guardiola, Puyol, Louis Enrique,  Ibrahimovic, Fabregas, Ronaldinho, Thiery Henry and Marc Bartra served the Catalans’ team.

Both the teams got involved into a nasty lock-horns over the scandalizing transfer of Louis Figo in 2002,who was a Barcelona player and the new president of Real Madrid had offered him a deal to come to Real Madrid, before winning the presidency elections. The player would have to compensate with an amount of 30 million to Perez, the new president, if he broke the deal.  Figo stepped back later, making his club Barcelona to pay 30 million. Barcelona, as the amount was really large, sold the player to Real Madrid. Figo never played with ease in his new team. All of this intensified the rivalry.

Current Situation of Clubs:

Both the teams have a pretty different playing style. Barcelona like to sign a player having good dribbling skills, lot of ball control, short passes accuracy and game vision. On the other hand, Real Madrid gather pretty much different players having  a good counter attacking skill, accurate headers and super fast sprint speed. The styles cannot be compared with each other. The latest rivalry between the clubs involves the talks about declaring their star players, Messi and Cristiano, the greatest of all times. Both the players cannot be compared as they have a pretty much different style.

The current situation of Real Madrid looks a lot better as the star Catalan player left Barca for PSG. The spell of MSN at-last came to an end. The mid and defense of FCB also look pretty weak. They have Ivan Rakiticic, Iniesta and Busquets in the mid. Youngsters like Alcacer, Dennis Suarez, Roberto and Andere Gomez have yet to expose themselves.They have signed a youngster Ousmane Dembele, former Dortmund player, but he has to prove a lot to justify his transfer clause of 140+ million. On contrary, Real Madrid have a full bag of good players. Cris Ronaldo is continuously performing for his team. The youngsters like Casemiro, Carvajal, Isco and Asenso seem to have a lot of skills.

In the end we hope that the spell of el Classico never breaks as it is the most healthy competition for the world football. It has increased the craze for the game, here in Pakistan too.

Written By Syed Ahmad Arshad.

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