Improvement Pakistan Team needs to make to overcome the Kiwis

Pakistan team was in red hot form before the New Zeland tour and their fans expected them to continue their performance but unluckily the winning streak broke and Pakistan Team had to taste defeat. There are some slip-ups that need to be taken in account and solutions should be found.

Batting order: Pakistan team needs to plan the sequence of batsmen according to their capabilities while keeping in mind that at which spot the player’s talent is going to be fully utilized.

Top order: Pakistan Team’s top order has failed to stay stable and play the new ball. The team needs to have a plan in mind to tackle the new ball and survive first 10 overs to set up a decent total on board.

Fielding: Pakistan team’s fielding has fall short to impress the viewers as it is not up to the mark with so many dropped catches and chances.

Fitness: The team players including the captain need to take care of their health and be perfectly fit and in a good physical shape as the fitness standard around the world in sports has succeeded immensely.

Planning: The most imperative of all factors. Pakistan team needs to plan according to their and their opponent’s strengths and weaknesses. They need to have a strategy in mind to undertake the game. The players need to remain patient and enthusiastic whether they are winning or losing because body language matters a lot.

It’s not always a team’s day. The team needs to go through difficult patches to come out and play as cornered tigers. These matches have been a lesson for Pakistan team as it has taught them in which department they are vulnerable. The team needs not to lose hope but to improve the weaknesses with tactics to be a complete team in international cricket.

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