IPL 2021 schedule and venues

The fourteenth edition of the Indian Premier League (IPL 2021) will entirely be commencing in India rather than being organized in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) or any other country.

Rather than sticking to any one venue, the BCCI has decided on six venues; Chennai, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Ahmedabad, Kolkata, and Delhi to organize the 60-match event.

The dates are scheduled from 9th April and will be taping up by 30th May. The detailed schedule is written below:

IPL 2021 schedule and venues

MI vs RCB  9th April, Friday  7:30 PM  Chennai  
CSK vs DC  10th April, Saturday  7:30 PM  Mumbai 
SRH vs KKR  11th April, Sunday  7:30 PM  Chennai 
RR vs PK  12th April, Monday  7:30 PM  Mumbai 
KKR vs MI  13th April, Tuesday  7:30 PM  Chennai 
SRH vs RCB  14th April, Wednesday  7:30 PM 


RR vs DC  15th April, Thursday  7:30 PM 


PK vs CSK  16th April, Friday  7:30 PM  Mumbai 
MI vs SRH  17th April, Saturday  7:30 PM  Chennai 
RCB vs KKR  18th April, Sunday  3:30 PM  Chennai 
DC vs PK  18th April, Sunday  7:30 PM  Mumbai 
CSK vs RR  19th April, Monday  7:30 PM  Mumbai 
DC vs MI  20th April, Tuesday  7:30 PM  Chennai 
PK vs SRH  21st April, Wednesday  3:30 PM  Chennai 
KKR vs CSK  21st April, Wednesday  7:30 PM  Mumbai 
RCB vs RR  22nd April, Thursday  7:30 PM  Mumbai 
PK vs MI  23rd April, Friday  7:30 PM  Chennai 
RR vs KKR  24th April, Saturday  7:30 PM  Mumbai  
CSK vs RCB  25th April, Sunday  3:30 PM  Mumbai 
SRH vs DC  25th April, Sunday  7:30 PM  Chennai 
PK vs KKR  26th April, Monday  7:30 PM  Ahmedabad 
DC vs RCB  27th April, Tuesday  7:30 PM  Ahmedabad 
CSK vs SRH  28th April, Wednesday  7:30 PM  Delhi 
MI vs RR  29th April, Thursday  3:30 PM  Delhi 
DC vs KKR  29th April, Thursday  7:30 PM  Ahmedabad 
PK vs RCB  30th April, Friday  7:30 PM  Ahmedabad 
MI vs CSK  1st May, Saturday  7:30 PM  Delhi 
RR vs SRH  2nd May, Sunday  3:30 PM  Delhi 
PK vs DC  2nd May, Sunday  7:30 PM  Ahmedabad 
KKR vs RCB  3rd May, Monday  7:30 PM  Ahmedabad 
SRH vs MI  4th May, Tuesday  7:30 PM  Delhi  
RR vs CSK  5th May, Wednesday  7:30 PM  Delhi 
RCB vs PK  6th May, Thursday  7:30 PM  Ahmedabad 
SRH vs CSK  7th May, Friday  7:30 PM  Delhi 
KKR vs DC  8th May, Saturday  3:30 PM  Ahmedabad 
RR vs MI  8th May, Saturday  7:30 PM  Delhi 
CSK vs PK  9th May, Sunday  3:30 PM  Bengaluru 
RCB vs SRH  9th May, Sunday  7:30 PM  Kolkata 
MI vs KKR  10th May, Monday  7:30 PM  Bengaluru 
DC vs RR  11th May, Tuesday  7:30 PM  Kolkata 
CSK vs KKR  12th May, Wednesday  7:30 PM 


MI vs PK  13th May, Thursday  3:30 PM  Bengaluru 
SRH vs RR  13th May, Thursday  7:30 PM  Kolkata 
RCB vs DC  14th May, Friday  7:30 PM  Kolkata 
KKR vs PK  15th May, Saturday  7:30 PM  Bengaluru 
RR vs RCB  16th May, Sunday  3:30 PM  Kolkata 
CSK vs MI  16th May, Sunday  7:30 PM  Bengaluru 
DC vs SRH  17th May, Monday  7:30 PM  Kolkata 
KKR vs RR  18th May, Tuesday  7:30 PM  Bengaluru 
SRH vs PK  19th May, Wednesday  7:30 PM  Bengaluru 
RCB vs MI  20th May, Thursday  7:30 PM  Kolkata 
KKR vs SRH  21st May, Friday  3:30 PM  Bengaluru 
DC vs CSK  21st May, Friday  7:30 PM  Kolkata 
PK vs RR  22nd May, Saturday  7:30 PM  Bengaluru 
MI vs DC  23rd May, Sunday  3:30 PM  Kolkata 
RCB vs CSK  23rd May, Sunday  7:30 PM  Kolkata 
QUALIFIER 1  25th May, Tuesday   7:30 PM  Ahmedabad 
ELIMINATOR  26th May, Wednesday  7:30 PM  Ahmedabad 


QUALIFIER 2  28th May, Friday  7:30 PM  Ahmedabad 
FINAL  30th May, Sunday  7:30 PM  Ahmedabad 

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