Ireland On Verge To Get Test Status

Cricket Ireland chief executive Warren Deutrom has said that the new steps taken by the International Cricket Council in the recent meeting has taken Cricket Ireland one step ahead of the full member status. He said Ireland MIGHT get the test status until June 22nd after the board members voted in the change of governance, which would allow the merit-based associate members to apply for full status membership. 

“The decision made by the ICC this week to clear the way forward for new full members to arrive by virtue of receiving merit-based criteria is so important because that speaks directly to what we’ve been arguing over the last few years,” said Deutrom.

“Once we make that submission it will go through to a brand new constituted membership committee. That membership committee will consider that application and make a recommendation accordingly to the ICC board and to the ICC annual conference, which this year takes place in London, with the AGM happening on June 22nd.”

Ireland, who started their international cricket journey back in 2006 in an ODI series against England who are known to be the only hope in Europe to make some competition in the continent as England has been the only dominant nation in cricket from Europe. Ireland getting the full status member would encourage the next generation to play for Ireland, rather than preferring to move to England to pursue cricketing career. Ireland recently got the List-A cricket status. The Cricket Ireland Director expressed that getting List-A cricket status is a huge step in their development. 

Ireland has not only played international ODI series against associate nations but they have played against and hosted Pakistan, England, Australia, South Africa and many more in past which shows their interest in the game of cricket.

Ireland has also won some associate titles since 2006. They are :

– European Championship Division One 2006.

– European Championship Division One 2008.

– ICC World Cup Qualifiers 2009.

– ICC World Cricket League 2010.

– ICC World Cricket Championship ( from 2011 till 20132014)

Ireland is currently playing ICC Intercontinental Cup in which they are in 2nd position in the points table with 80 points. Cricket Ireland has played 117 ODIs out of which they have won 51. They have a winning percentage of 43.58%. They have hosted full member teams on numerous occasions. Australia, Bangladesh, New Zealand, England, India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka are among them. 

Ireland has been qualifying for the last three Cricket World Cups in a row.

Ireland might be a permanent member of the cricket family and they are so far the only glimmer of hope in Europe to promote the game and inspire other European cricket nations like Netherlands and Scotland to improve their standards and aim to be full member of the cricket council in future. Ireland becoming a full member will be a huge step in the development of the game of Cricket itself.

Ireland On Verge To Get Test Status
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