Is Nathan Lyon The Best Off-Spinner Right Now?

We all know one thing for sure, whenever Nathan Lyon bowls, his name is all over the place. Sometimes it’s his own name or sometimes it’s “Nice Garry” or even GOAT now. The question comes, is he really all worth the praise and being tagged as a GOAT?

The question that comes up in our minds listening to all his praises has two answers. Yes, he is worth all that praise and second, he’s called GOAT because he’s the most successful and influential off-spinner in the Australian cricket history. He came in to the Australian side in a bit weird way. He was a curator from Canberra who was later appointed as a ground staff at the Adelaide Oval, where his talent was spotted by Darren Berry. He kept on performing and within a year after his First-Class debut he was called up for the Australian side.

In 2011, he made his test debut against Sri Lanka at Galle. He had a quite good date with the ball on his debut, taking his first wicket on his first ball which was Sangakara. His first innings figures were 5 for 34 runs. For the first time in many years an Australian off-spinner made it in to the headlines. And it wasn’t just the something normal, it was something massive. Lyon carried on his form every where. He won matches. Not to forget when India required 120 runs with 8 to 7 wickets in hand and then Nathan Lyon happened! Australia ended up winning that match.

Nathan Lyon has been very different from every other off-spinner. He has his own unique action and is a calm person on and off field. When he made his debut, the media tagged him as the next Shane Warne. But it took a great turn just like his spin bowling and now he’s a role model for Australian off-spinners of next generation. Usually, some spin bowlers are just limited to perform better at their home than overseas but Nathan’s fairy tale has a great twist when it comes to overseas performance. Surprisingly he’s been better than any other spinner in all eight test playing nations. He averages 32.32 in overseas conditions which is slightly better than many of the big names who don’t like to party in overseas conditions. He has taken 263 wickets in 69 test matches he has played.

Nathan is a complete package. He picks wickets when his team need them the most. He’s been a match winner on many occasions. The batsmen try to play it own the leg side and the ball ends up in the hand of a fielder in the slips. The movement he creates in the ball makes the ball edge the bat a lot. Watching him bowl is a treat. If you live in Middle-East or Asia, you’ll enjoy him watching Ashes at 3 in the morning.

He’s the best off-spinner currently and surely Australia’s greatest off-spinner of all time, or GOAT! His numbers speak for himself.

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