It’s Not The Last Time

They come from a country where cultural views are given more attention. They come from a completely different culture where people don’t want girls to play with boys or play what boy do. If they play Football and Cricket in streets, they’re pointed out and people try to point them out. People try to make them feel that they’re doing wrong by playing sports. They are told to sit at home because sports is not for girls. But cricket is always a winner at the end of the day, it always wins. So does the Pakistan Women Cricket team. Gender does not create a difference in cricket. Everyone should take a moment, make it special and salute the Pakistan women cricket team. As mentioned above, the culture does not influence women to play sports. People even make fun of them, but they’re the actual heroes. They’ve proved that you don’t need sponsors to play. Their passion for the cricket deserves a standing ovation. They’re sadly one of those women cricketing nations who are not appreciated or given importance. A cricket fan will always support cricket, not just Men’s cricket.
It’s amazing to see the passion of cricket in Pakistan. Specially for a girl, who makes it to the national cricket team through sea of hell. It’s hard for a guy to be a part of a PSL franchise and even then most of them don’t get a chance. How painful that is? Girls go through a stage even more tougher. The society gets against them. Even educated people sometimes say that cricket is not for them, kitchen is. They don’t get sponsors. Even when they win, the media gets busy in covering the loss of men’s cricket team. How would you feel if you fought your way out of a society for your game, work hard day and night and then after countless efforts you win and it does not even get up on media, you’re not even given a chance to be appreciated? That would be worst feeling for someone who wants to be a professional cricketer.
People ask why they should praise the women’s team because they were knocked out of the World Cup without winning a game. The answer is quite simple, they represent the country at international stage. That’s what they dedicate their lives for. They put in countless efforts. Watching them is a joy. Just like a Pakistani supports men’s team, the same support for girls can bring in a lot of change. The only way their cricket can be improved is if people show interest in their cricket. They deserve some attention out of which they don’t even get the 1%.
It’s a thing to be proud of for Pakistan that they have a women’s cricket team. A cricket team full of warriors who have fought against the wrong views of the society. This might be a World Cup knockout but at the end of the day it’s never too late. Today they play, who knows tomorrow they might be legacy of Pakistan women cricket. Just because they lose does not means they can never win. No one can ever win if they don’t lose. Because when you lose, you get to know what it takes to win.
It’s Not The Last Time
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