“My Childhood Heroes”

Misbah Ul Haq and Shahid Afridi( my childhood heroes ) the names are so much bigger that I can’t describe them in just words but I am trying to make an effort.

One of them is made his debut at 8th March 2001 and the other one made his debut at 2nd October 1996, one made his career debut by TEST matches and the other one made his debut by ODI matches, one is calm like a sea and the other one is aggressive like a sea storm, one made his worth later in his career and the other one made the world chanting his name from the start of his career, one is called by the name of ‘KING’ and the other one is ‘BOOM BOOM’, one of them scored the fastest fifty in TEST match cricket( which is a record ) and the other one made fastest ODI century( which was an unbeaten record for more than a decade ), one took us to the end single-handedly in the final of 2007 WT20 and the other one won us the final of 2009 WT20 single-handedly, one made our team number 1 in TEST under his captaincy and the other one took our team to the semi final of 2011 CWC under his captaincy, one has the record of highest sixes in TEST by a PAKISTANI and the other one has the record of highest sixes in ODI in the WORLD.

They both are entirely different in nature but there is few things which are achieved by both except the things which I mentioned above and those things are, to be patriot towards and the game and country, to be a warrior in every difficult situation and most important of them all, they both made whole ‘PAKISTAN’ proud.

They face many difficulties from the start to the end of their career, they soak all the criticism and gave the answer by their performance and captaincy, they fought a like hero in every aspect or their life they never give up, they are real superstars that’s why they got the respect and so love much love by the people and I think this is the best reward for them.

They are ‘MY CHILDHOOD HEROES’ I grown up by watching them play cricket it’s like a nightmare to think about it that they won’t play international cricket in future, it almost made me cry, one more thing, ’15 SAAL KA RELATION 15 DIN ME TOU NAHI KHATAM HO SAKTA NA’.

In the end I would like to request from you all that they are also humans like us every cricketer is like us, there is only difference between them and us is talent so please don’t criticise their families when they don’t perform, you’ll understand it if you place your self in their position, it is not easy, I hope you all understand and like my bunch of words.

Written By Faiz Yar Khan.

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