Batting Collapses, Disappointing Results and Frustrations.

If you have just started watching Pakistan cricket then it might take you some time to realize that it’s normal. Ups and down are part of the game and Pakistan sometimes welcome it when no one thinks about having a rough hit. There’s a valid point that this squad might need a couple of tests to get itself together but on the same side some choices have amazed people. For example, Shan Masood. Who’s now tagged as a ”Lord” by the Pakistani fans due to his selection which is completely not based on merit, but again, he’s son of a board member of PCB, you know why he’s in the squad. While some fans are thinking it was his last test, we can’t be really sure if it really was his last test. Pakistanis are called unpredictable and him being selected in future can take place.

This test series was more like a test for the Pakistani fans. Having high hopes and expectations, Sri Lanka was being underestimated but at the end the game of cricket had the last laugh. There are two phases of seeing Pakistan losing a match out of no where. One is obviously getting angry and the other, if you’re not a Yahya Hussaini, you will just sit back, congratulate Sri Lanka for wining and move on, calling it a beautiful game of cricket. But some can’t bare to see the beauty of the test cricket and start their huge criticism.

Babar now averages 23.75 in 11 test matches.

”Babar is not a test material” is what you might be seeing a lot these days and we can see his poor form in the red ball cricket. But that does not mean you just demand the same guy to be axed from the test squad just like that. In past, we’ve seen many people struggle in test cricket but they went on being one of the greatest of the game. Babar can be perhaps replaced in the playing line-up by Usman Salahuddin or anyone but, should be given attention so that in a year or two he can be a player of trust in the red-ball format of the cricket.

Batting disappointed us, we were prepared.” said the Pakistani skipper after defeat in the test series.

Sarfaraz? The Champions Trophy Hero? Is he really taking the pressure? Well, who doesn’t? But Sarfaraz shouldn’t worry about this result either anymore since it’s over and should look forward to every other game as a new situation. He had a tough series where he many of the times took reviews because others insisted him but they turned out to unsuccessful. That’s one of the best quality of Sarfaraz, believing in his teammates. He was so frustrated at times that all he could do was to hide his face behind his keeping gloves. Sarfaraz will only learn and this experience will help him to cope with pressure in future.


In past we’ve seen much worse collapses from the Pakistani cricket. It is disappointing but, things do change a lot in cricket with time. Just like the momentum of Pakistan and Sri Lanka on Day 4 and Day 5 of the Dubai test. It kept on spinning from the hands of the both sides but Sri Lanka was the one spinning the victory their way at the end. Pakistan once got all-out on 49 and was badly humiliated in South Africa but the were later crowned with the ICC Test Championship Mace. It’s about how long the lads can fight and the players gave everything to pull the match till the last day of the match. It was a new innings of Pakistan cricket without Misbah and Younis, a new beginning.

It’s just about few more matches and then you won’t be forced to listen Russel Arnold!


Pakistan and Sri Lanka will kick off the One-day International series this upcoming Friday where Pakistan will be hoping to fight their way back in this tour.

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