PCB’s Subhan Ahmad steps down from his nine years old status of Chief Operating Officer

Lahore: Subhan Ahmad has knocked himself off from the nine years old title of ‘chief operating officer’ of Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB). The Board of Governors of PCB was acknowledged about Subhan’s knocking off at National Academy Lahore on Friday.

Subhan on the matter has stated to media that,

“After being affiliated with PCB for more than twenty-five years, it is the best time for me to move forward and take a step ahead”.

According to Subhan, leading the PCB on international forums has remained so honourable for him. He told the media that journey of making PCB a stable organization from an unstable and unskilful has remained exceptional so far. PCB today is counted among best working organisations in the entire world.

Subhan furthermore added,

“I am glad that my fellows and friends have co-operated, habilitated, and primed me so exceptionally from my beginning journey as a junior officer to the chief operating officer. I could have done nothing without them”.

Ehsan Mani, who is at present the chairman of PCB has spoken that,

“On commemoration of his thoughts about his journey with the PCB, he will perceive a sense of gladness and proud. PCB has maintain its newly efficient status in different leagues in the world of cricket during his times. Credit is all due to his partimonies that his legacy isban inspiration for all those who are or will serve this great institution in years to come”,

“PCB will be terminating better outcomes from his experience till the end and thought of reciprocation will continue in limited projects as well”, said Chairman of PCB.

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