Storm Herath Expected To Hit Pakistan Between Friday and Tuesday.

A lot of storms have been hitting these days in America. They caused a lot of damage, of course. But a storm hit cricket almost a year ago from now which cannot just stop. It keeps on going to different places, usually hits places with turning tracks. Looks old, has a belly tucked out. Attacked Australians last year in Sri Lanka. He seems to be dull but is very accurate and tends to attack fast. Beware. You might be next! It’s storm Herath.

Last year, he single-handedly whitewashed Australia. Sri Lanka had weak links in the squRangana Herath deserves all the praise he’s getting, maybe even more than he’s getting. One of the very few players of 20th century playing in 21st century. He paired along with the great Murali but was somehow in his shadows, just like Neymar thought he was in Messi’s. But Herath never showed an eagee character. After Murali’s retirement, he casted out of “the shadow” and became Sri Lanka’s main bowler specially in the test side. The guy bothers to show up at the bank at which he works when he’s not on international duty so obviously he never planned to blame the air or curators for poor performances outside Asia, unlike English bowlers outside England. Infact, he did the business he’s known for.

We shouldn’t forget his heroics against Pakistan in 2009 when he helped Sri Lanka to restrict Pakistan to 117 while chasing 168. Gave Sri Lanka profit’s share and enjoyed his but Rangana somehow, with his magic did it.

And now, it happened in Abu Dhabi. Perhaps, until Herath is playing test cricket, Sri Lanka Cricket Team should be renamed as “Rangana Herath Cricket Team”. Despite of being almost 40, Herath doesn’t really care about his age as long as he enjoys his career and the beautiful game of cricket. It’s impossible to define his efforts because magical stuff is always indefinable. He’s a magician with a magical left hand that gives heart attacks.

Storms are definitely not a thing to enjoy but this one is “enjoyable”. So sit back this friday, grab a cold-drink and enjoy Herath’s first pink ball test match.

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