The Cancerous Indian Cricket Fan Base.

There’s no doubt about the Indian cricket team being probably one of the best cricketing nations of all time, they’re probably the most successful team of last 6 to 7 years. They have immense talent and have a team full of sophisticated players, who are role models for people all around the world. India also has Virat Kohli, who might someday get past Sachin Tendulkar. People love Virat Kohli not just because of his runs but because of his manners which he adapted under MS Dhoni’s captaincy. There are countless examples of great Indian players who were great off the field as well.

In a world where people adore the cricket and discipline of the Indian cricketers, the Indian cricket fans seem not to even try to be nice for even once. Trolling has become something normal in all kinds of sports in this period but Indian fans cant bother to learn its meaning. All you find on their social media forums is their overconfidence and verbal abuses against other cricketing nations. That’s not even one bit of trolling, trolling is one a person is pissed, but not hurting him personally. In fact, that’s personal attack on someone’s sentiments. Thats called being over the line, being disgrace to the game of cricket.

Their fans are something beyond cancer but so far we can label it as cancer.

If we win, we don’t celebrate, we abuse. If we lose, we do the same.

A win means a lot to any cricketing nations. Specially in Asia, cricket is what unites people of a country but Indian fans don’t feel that way since their alcoholic overconfidence makes them see nothing else than being a pain in the ass. Everyday thousands of memes are made but none of them makes sense. According to them, Bumrah is better than Waqar Younis because he conceded few runs in an over only twice in his career. If they don’t find any good thing to make a meme about, you”ll find them photo shopping guns and beards, and making Pakistani players look like terrorists because they’re disgraceful enough to attack the sports and bring in their politics. If an Indian player praises Pakistani, they”ll Photoshop a picture of their own player in a dead body. If they don’t win, they will exaggerate it as if it’s the last day on earth because, in their low minds, they don’t appreciate some good things but are busy throwing stones at the houses of their own players.


Types of Indian Cricket Fans Cancer.

Their humor is beyond death, it never existed. They can give you cancer. There are many types of it.


1. Virender Sehwag.

Sadly this cancer is not treatable. If you haven’t seen it, don’t ever bother to since his logic can make your television burn itself. Sehwag had a successful career throughout his life but it looks like Shoaib Akhtar’s bouncers affected his mental health. He loves to hurt fans with personal and disrespect other countries in the most disrespectful manner. Even Sourav Ganguly was tired from his cheap statistics.

2. Admit It.

It is treatable but will have a long-term effect on your brain since they post thousands of posts about telling us to admit it. They want you to admit Pandya would have won it against Pakistan in the 2017 Champions Trophy finals. They want you to admit that Bumrah is the greatest bowler of all time. They want you to admit that Dhoni’s pet looks good. They want you to admit that attacking someone’s race is okay but they don’t want you to admit that they are doing a great job to mess up with brains all over the cricket world.

3. If we can’t win, we should attack fans of the other team.

This is now a tradition between Indian cricket fans to beat up people who just come to watch their team win. If they’re not Indians, they’re going to find themselves being beaten up by Indians because their team lost. In the Champions Trophy group match, on June 4, many Indians tried to harass Pakistani women after the match. They also seriously injured many Pakistani fans. Some waited outside the houses of Pakistani fans to beat them up. They also have a brief history of throwing stones on the team playing against India and setting the stadiums on fire.

4. If we abuse verbally and disrespect others, its okay, if someone trolls us, start a war.

It’s like many of the Indian fans were never born to enjoy cricket but to make fun of it. As said above, trolling is something normal in this period of time but what Indian fans do is not trolling. But when someone else trolls them, they will write 346617146712347154 articles about it and post 24651761 ”Admit it, this guy is disgraceful” posts and then have a TV show just about one tweet with Virendar Sehwag and few others just like him. That’s like 4 to 5 cancer in one type of cancer.

Yes, I’m talking about Dennis Freedman’s tweet which is being discussed all over India and their media. They just can’t bare a single troll against them. It’s hard to believe that they really are doing it on someone who just gave his own opinion or just tweeted a troll just to entertain his audience just like Indian fans are trying to with their cancerous posts.

 There’s only one messege for the Indian fans. Not from a Pakistani but from all cricket fans.

If you can’t bare one banter against yourself, then just don’t attack others politically in your so-called memes. We are one, we are cricket fans. Be like one.

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