The Unnoticed Death Of Cricket.

You might have never heard or read about any of this of what you are going to read about. Cricket is known to be the ” Gentlemen’s ” games for over 300 years now. It’s all about the sportsmanship at the end of the game. If you want to know whether cricket will die in upcoming future, the answer is, it won’t die because it already is dead. If you want to know why it’s dead, read the rest of the article carefully.

Test cricket is the oldest and the purest format of cricket. It has been played for centuries and has its own unique value than the other two formats of cricket, which are shorter. With the introduction of T20, it was clear that the current young generation and the upcoming generations would prefer T20 cricket over the Test cricket format. Because T20 cricket is all about entertainment, big hits out of the park. Usually, the format is ruled by the batsmen but sometimes two or three quick deliveries also fire up the game and it becomes the turning point of the game. Whereas, Test cricket is completely different. It’s 5 days longer, it is slow but yet the true beautiful definition of cricket. But with the crowd being more entertained by the T20 cricket, a question was raised as if Test cricket is going to die soon because most of the people didn’t care much for this longer version of the game. The crowd didn’t show up to the tests because of the same reason, they thought it was too boring to watch. While for those fans who breathe cricket, were in a state of shock as there were prominent chances of no better future for the Test cricket.

Among those die-hard cricket fans, Jarrod Kimber and Sam Collins decided to go out there to discover Test cricket’s fate in upcoming years. They were basically filming a documentary which later ended up highlighting the greatest scandal in the history of cricket and it showed how 3 people from 3 different boards ruled the game of cricket.

It all starts when it was decided that the top 3 most powerful cricketing boards would make decisions in the world of cricket in ICC. Obviously, it wasn’t the right thing. In a world where everything is based on the base of democracy, ICC brought in a dictatorship even when no other board was happy with it. It was the first step taken to murder the game of cricket. Okay, so when we heard about the big three, what was exactly what you or anyone would’ve thought about it? That if it was negative? And also in the same moment, it would be good so that the top three cricketing boards can help other associate and affiliate nations to promote the game of cricket? Well, the first thought was right, it was negative. But, promoting the game and helping other nations? That was never in the mind of these three boards. In fact, they were not three boards, they were few people just representing their boards.


In 2012, the former Lord Chief of Justice of England and Wales, Lord Woolf, wrote a report regarding the big three. He wrote that it was against the ethics of the game of cricket and that the three governing bodies showed no interest in enhancing the global development of the game of cricket. He described it as if cricket was only owned by the big three and not by the ICC. According to Lord Woolf, Cricket should be owned by the ICC. This report was the start of the great work done by Jarrod Kimber and Sam Collins. Now, If any of you is still wondering what the big three is, well ICC reached an agreement back in 2011-12 that the top three governing cricket boards, The Cricket Australia, England Cricket Board and The Indian Cricket Board will be given a big part of the annual revenue share, giving them the most power among the other cricketing nations which also gave them the power to make most of the decisions leaving other nations behind. The big three responded in a very negative way to the report of Lord Woolf. Jarrod and Sam thought it was worth the try to investigate what’s really going on and what really is the reality and why Lord Woolf’s report was a problem for the big three.

They started up an investigation where three people were the main suspects so far. They really didn’t know what was on but they still went on with it. Giles Clarke, James Sutherland and N Sirinivasan. They were not just cricket administrators or businessmen. They were more than that to whom game of cricket was nothing but a thing to make money flow to them the way they want it to. They had no interests in making it better but to do what their interests are. None of them had a good background. Giles Clarke had signed a deal with the American Fraudster, Allen Stanford while N.Sirinivasan’s son-in-law was involved in match fixing scandal in the Indian Premier League. Sirinivasan was the owner of the team and had played a role indirectly which didn’t frame him as a criminal since there was no evidence left against Sirinivasan after he cleared it all off and he was innocent according to the law.

The big three had no plans on the revival of test cricket in the nations where it was dying. They were busier in their own interests as said above.

And sadly, in countries like West Indies and Sri Lanka, it was the beginning of the end. India had a large TV revenue as compared to other test nations and the fate of other test nations was up to India touring their country so that they can earn a bit from the TV revenue. India is the economic power in cricket and no wanted to challenge them. In fact, when South Africa tried to challenge the governance of the big three, the BCCI canceled their tour of South Africa in 2013 which made South Africa bear a loss of 10 million dollars. Is this really cricket? It’s all politics, which was led by dictators who no one ever wanted to accept. The big three’s personal interest damaged cricket a lot. Sports is not supposed to be scripted. And it was all running on a script. It was cheating and it was not running the way fans were expecting it to. Yet no one was aware of what was going on. Sirinivasan was using the full advantage. The way things were, he made himself the center of cricket. He was cricket, he was Godfather of cricket.

He and the rest of the big three together did horrible things. People were threatened by them. Life threats were made. Some people who knew everything were too afraid to come and talk about it. One former senior member of the ICC didn’t even reveal his identity during an interview, instead, he wore a mask on his face. Do you still think it was cricket? Is cricket all about doing corruption and blackmailing but not developing the game globally and not helping the other 5 test playing nations in debt? They only toured the nations which would profit them or which favored them in terms of personal interests.

When Giles Clarke was asked about big three having no interest in the development of cricket globally, He optioned to be in a childish and rubbish behavior and said ” I have been hearing this nonsense a lot ”. There is no hope of an Independent ICC now. Even votes in the member’s meetings is a formality, They do what they want with cricketing fans suffering it in regions like West Indies and Sri Lanka. In a world where each and every sport’s governance bodies work on expanding the sports, the ICC for the sake of TV revenues was shrinking the numbers of the teams in the ICC World Cup 2019 from 14 teams to 10 teams, allowing only two nations below the top 8 in the ICC One-International rankings. Australia, England, and India made cricket look like as if it was only supposed to be played in these three countries. In few countries, cricket is passion and something which unites the nation together but the big three had done good enough to damage it.

On the other hand, after the introduction of the Indian Premier League to the world of cricket, T20 cricket became a never ending fever. Billions were earned just from the revenue and IPL became the most expensive type of cricket in the world. Players were bought for millions and paid over 80 thousand dollars per match. It forced some players to make a tough decision to whether bag some money during the IPL or represent their country during the IPL.

IPL affected the international cricket. The energy which the T20 format was driving from the test cricket was all dragged to it all at once when IPL came in. While, the sour truth is, IPL itself is a fixed league and most of the fixtures are scripted. This is not any personal view but there’s a history regarding teams involved in the match fixing scandals. But the money which was earned by the IPL influenced other nations to start their own T20 franchise leagues to generate money through the T.V revenues. So far no one has succeeded the IPL in terms of revenues since India has become the global hub of cricket. Players preferred T20 leagues over the national duty, especially the West Indians, even when they were hosting Australia in a test series.

Talking about more numbers of team in cricket, the Olympics proposed to add T20 cricket in the Olympic games so that the game of cricket could be watched in other regions of the world at a higher standard but ICC or what it really was, the big three didn’t accept the proposal since it was profitable for the game of cricket but not profitable for the businessmen and the dictators of the game of cricket. Although adding cricket in the Olympics could have benefit cricket a lot and the game would have spread globally. Out of 100%, only if the 1% population of China watches cricket or plays it, it would be around a million people but again the big three had no intention of developing the game of cricket globally.


What is it that ICC is hiding? Why do they give threats to people with some classified knowledge about what they have been doing? Aren’t the governing bodies of sports supposed to be peaceful and humble to out a message of equality? Why were the votes in the member’s meeting not valued? Why not letting the world know what these 3 people were doing, about how they went so far protecting their corruption that they even gave life threats? Why did they give life threats and why were those threatened people so occupied by the fear? What had the big three really had done? The real answer can only be given by the ICC about how the governing body itself is dirty. With so many things going on, that most people don’t know about, ICC murdered cricket by bringing in the dictatorship and dirty politics. The organization which is supposed to own the cricket and make it a better game sold it out to businessmen who ruined it. The sad truth is that not everyone knows about it and these people are still moving everything in their directions. What’s the point of not sharing a big part of the annual revenue between the nations who are in debts? Why does England Cricket Board need a big part of it? Aren’t they developed and don’t they have the best facilities anyone can ever have?

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