Thought life’s first innings in Karachi would also be the last, reveals Sachin

Sachin Tendulkar recently made a surprising revelation in an interview. Sachin Tendulkar made his debut against Pakistan at a tender age of 16 and as of date remains India’s youngest debutant.

The legendary cricketer revealed that he had thought about quitting after his first Test innings in Karachi against Pakistan.

“First innings of my life, in Karachi, I thought it would be my first and last innings. In the first match, I had no idea,” said Tendulkar.

Waqar (Younis) bowling from one end, Wasim (Akram) going full-throttle from the other. And they had just started reverse-ball. To go there and play suddenly, I was completely out of place.

His teammates, however, had pushed him to give his career some more time, reported Indian Express.

“I took advice from everyone in the dressing room and they told me to spend some more time on it. ‘This is international cricket. You’re playing possibly the best bowling attack in the world. Give them that respect’.”

“Second innings of my life, I scored 59 runs. I got back to the dressing room and looked at myself and said, ‘You’ve done it.’”

The cricketer recalled his family’s wishes for Tendulkar to channelise his energy on the cricket ground. He said that his triple century in Mumbai was one of the most important innings of his life.

“I feel my triple hundred at Brabourne Stadium was one of the important innings of my life. Because that is when Gavaskar and all these big personalities saw me,” he said.

The master-blaster confessed that he wasn’t disciplined and punctual since the beginning.

“Wasn’t so disciplined in the beginning but learned with time that 8am does not mean 8.05 am. When your senior players waited for you in the bus while you were late, you had to become disciplined. But I developed a good habit out of it.”

Narrating a story from his childhood, Tendulkar said, “We used to have limited time to play back then which meant we have to fit 2 innings in that time. So all the right-handed had to bat left-handed and vice-versa. So I developed left-handed batting skills as well.”

“I remember 2011 World Cup, we were practicing in Bangalore. I casually asked to spin me some balls which went for sixes. Then I read an article saying this could be Sachin’s secret weapon,” he laughed.

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